How To Write An Essay About A Movie: A Step-By-Step Guide

Writing an essay about a movie depends on the purpose and chosen route of the write-up. Often, such an essay enhances students’ analytical skills by challenging their worldview and illustrating alternative ideologies. However, movie reviews in theater studies may extend beyond analysis to incorporate various aspects of the film, filming strategies, and cinematography techniques. Regardless of the purpose of the review, a good essay about a movie should contain the essential characteristics of an academic paper with critical details about the object of interest. In this case, the document should illustrate the writers’ comprehension of English and their ability to articulate their arguments in writing. It should also contain an express position or thesis, indicating the writer’s perspective about the narrative and its cinematographic presentation.

Tips on How to Write About a Movie in an Essay

If you are still learning how to write about a movie in an essay, you must start with a familiar film or at least watch the one assigned to you by your professor. Writing about a subject of interest often creates a free-flowing article and lets you focus on the important aspects. This strategy also saves time and eliminates errors. However, you will most of the time write about a movie in an essay with very short deadlines and no time to watch the actual film. In other cases, you will write about movies you find unattractive. These tips for writing an essay about a movie will help you ace any review or analysis to save or improve your grade.

Read reviews from professional reviewers

Professional reviewers often write blog posts and newspaper articles about films they like or dislike. Some columnists on major news entities include critical background information about a movie in the pieces to capture viewers’ attention and create controversies. These articles contain crucial details about the background, narrative, and production processes. You can rely on verifiable information from reliable blogs and newsagents as evidence for your film analysis. Besides, citing sources illustrates high critical thinking and analytical skills.

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Read comments from viewers on rating sites

A review site is the best place to get a hint about a movie. Viewers often leave comments about their experience with a film on major sites such as IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, expressing their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Others will try influencing the production process by addressing filmography and cinematography techniques. These comments offer a reliable basis of analysis for most reviewers, setting the mood for any realistic argument about its performance. You can use viewers’ experiences to form an evidence-based opinion as your essay thesis.

Contract a professional writer

Custom writing entities help students with research, outlining critical details you can use to write your essay. In most cases, you may not have adequate time to watch a film and study or read reviews. Yet, you can find a professional essay writing service such as to compile the relevant information for your paper. You can find a trained and experienced writer that has watched and reviewed your movie before, giving you valuable insights about the narrative and its presentation. Besides, the experts can complete your custom essay from scratch or research and paraphrase viewers’ comments and reviewers’ arguments about the film. You can even request an original personalized document based on your instructions and preferences.

Steps for Writing an Essay about a Movie

Understanding how to write an essay about a movie begins with conceptualizing the requirements of an analytical paper. A film review or analysis must contain a background section documenting the narrative and plot. It must also highlight viewers’ perspectives and cinematography techniques used in production. The paper should also include the writer’s argument and conclusion about the movie with references to the content and presentation quality. Here’s a list of guidelines for writing about a movie in an essay.

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Watch the movie

Watch the film for the first time as an ordinary viewer noting areas of interest and gaps in production. Focus on the storyline, casting, and film quality. Avoid rewinding captivating scenes. Instead, try to internalize the plot to overcome any biases you may have about the movie.

Read about the movie and the storyline

Research viewers’ and reviewers’ arguments about the film, noting the critical values affecting the movie from various perspectives. Note the cultural differences in the reviews and points of controversy. Document any divergent views and identify the ones you resonate with the most.

Research cinematography and filmography techniques

Before writing an essay about a movie, you must understand motion picture approaches. Read about movie production and filming strategies. Find peer-reviewed sources about cinematography and filmography to enhance your understanding of the producers’ choices. This knowledge will help you conceptualize the narrative and improve your ability to critique the film. Besides, you must demonstrate an understanding of the producers’ perspective and attempt to lure the viewers. Since the camera is the most important tool in the film industry, production efficiency relies on the cameraman’s ability to capture the story. You may also include sound quality and techniques.

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Watch the film analytically

Now watch the film analytically, noting the techniques you read about and the controversies identified by viewers and reviewers. This step will help you develop a unique perspective about the movie, free from bias and influence. During the second watch, you should identify the major scenes marking the time stamps for citations and future reference.

Create an outline

Create an outline for your paper with specific topic sentences, a thesis statement, and a conclusion. Note keywords and your favorite scenes to improve the flow and demonstrate your analytical capabilities.

Write your paper

Although you can write your paper in different ways, starting with the body paragraphs helps you retain some level of dynamism and avoid static ideologies. The introduction should be the first paragraph of your paper but must be written last. It acts as an executive summary with details from the body paragraphs. The conclusion should not contain additional information. Instead, it should be a summary of the document.

Review, edit, and proofread

The writing process always ends with a final review. At this point, the writer proofreads and edits the document with minor amendments to improve its flow and appearance. No new information is required at this stage. Reviewing a paper several times helps you identify mistakes and eliminate grammatical errors.

Life hack: You may use premium proofreading help online to improve your document. Grammar editing tools can be effective in enhancing your diction and eliminating typos. Use online proofreading sites to make adjustments to your sentence structure and word selection.

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