The Biggest International Lotteries In The World

All of us at least once have thought of testing our luck at the lotteries. It’s a fascinating thing and a global phenomenon. But did you know that now you can play US, Europe, and Australian lotteries online in India? It’s perfectly legal and more popular than you can imagine.


Why to Play

If you’ve been playing Indian Lotteries for a while, the jackpot amounts of some of the International Lotteries might seem unbelievable to you. Let’s have a look at some of the popular ones and as indicated on the their record jackpots:

  • Powerball (USA): $1.568 Million Record Jackpot
  • Mega Millions (USA): $1.6 Billion Record
  • Euro Millions (Europe): €190 Million max Jackpot

Mind-boggling, isn’t it? If you’re the lucky one, these amounts will make you live like a king for the rest of your life. And that’s why these lotteries are popular all across the globe.

Reasonable Ticket Prices

Just imaging that investing $5-10 a week you could win millions! People have this misconception about playing the lottery online that the tickets will be expensive, and the website will charge a high commission. That’s not the case. You can buy lottery tickets online at almost the same price.


Freedom to choose

While playing the lottery online, you’ve got options from multiple countries when it comes to choosing lotteries. Your geographical location doesn’t limit your participation. You can look at the odds and pick one or many depending on how lucky you’re feeling.

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Reputed brands, guaranteed payments

Most international lotteries have been around for years and have an impeccable record of giving out payments. If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll receive your winnings in no time. Tax deductions differ from country to country, but money in your account is guaranteed.

How to play?

It’s easier than it seems. Just follow the following steps:

  • Come to;
  • Pick the lotteries you want to play;
  • Push “Play Now” on the site;
  • Buy the tickets;
  • Check the draw results;
  • Get the winnings in your account.

The perfect assortment is here

There are so many lotteries and so many websites offering international lottery tickets. How to choose? It can be overwhelming. Lottothrill makes it easy for you. We bring the best options available worldwide for you. We’re diligent about licensing, reputation, and payment record of the lottery companies featured on So whichever lottery you pick, be assured that it’s fair and trustworthy.


Is it legal?

Absolutely. Earlier, for a person to play the lottery, he/she had to be a citizen of that country. But with the lotteries moving online and online ticket agencies getting involved, that barrier doesn’t exist anymore.

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You can buy online tickets through an authorized ticketing agent. You’re legally allowed to have your winnings transferred to your bank account. Of course, you’ll have to pay income tax. Fun fact: If you’re in the origin country of the lottery and buy a physical ticket there, it’ll be invalid if you’re not a citizen of that country. But an online ticket purchased using a ticketing website is perfectly valid.

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