Best 18 Android Studio Tips and Tricks That Every Android Developer Should Know

Best 9 Android Studio Tips and Tricks That Every Android Developer Should Know

The android developers in present times are on such a rise. The application development has been on demand and the android developers are learning unique ways to develop what their clients want and make the best version available in the market right now. Here are the best Android Studio Tips and Tricks that every Android developer should know about all of them.

This rise in the demand for android developers has pushed them to pursue new tricks in creating new codes that can create different and functional applications. You can peek at this website to hire an experienced android app developer.

One of the stale items that the android developers are using now is the android studio, which is used to create codes for the application they are developing. The android studio is immensely in use because of its convenience and ease of use.

So in this article, we are going to discuss some tips and tricks that can help you work with the android studio and create amazing applications for your clients. This is sure to improve your overall app and experience in app development.

Android Studio Tips and Tricks That Every Android Developer Should Know

1. How to search? The android studio is usually a collection of different variables. To search for a particular variable there is a command of shift that can be sued. This can help you get your work done faster and in less time.

2. Setting up codes: there are changes in the command when it comes to formatting codes in windows and the mac.

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3. How to find a word? When you are looking for a particular word or variable in the android studio, there is a quick command of cmd and f which will achieve your objective. This command function is similar in all the different platforms like Windows, Mac, or Linux.

4. How to change a variable: Oftentimes you might want to change the variable and at such moments you can use the command function of ctrl and r for the windows. This is not a universal code and is different depending on the platform of use.

5. How to do a final run? This can be achieved by just pressing a green button, this will help in completing the development of the application and run it for you to see the app in function and to make important changes where and if needed.

6. How to have a special focus? When you are working with android studio, amid the application development, there will be codes that you would want to engage some more focus on, so to bookmark them for future lookout, you can use a specialized command function.

7. Easily finding the bookmark: With just a command action, you can be directed to the bookmark page yours even though you might be working on an entirely different page. This makes the job so easy and this is indeed another tip of working with the android studio.

8. How to remove a bookmark? You can use the command of ctrl, shift, and the id that you want to be removed. Once ample attention is given to bookmarked section, you can use this command for achieving the action.

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9. Commenting a code: For commenting on a distinct code in android studio, you can use the ctrl and / when you are working with Windows and Linux systems. This can help when you have to use the code again in the function.

10. Tool windows: The different tool windows present in the android studio could be just accessed for different projects just simply by pressing various buttons.

11. Closing a tab: If you are working in a current tab, and you have to close it, there is a command action of ctrl and F$ for the windows system. It is unique for each of the operating systems to be used.

12. Windows pushed to the background: this action can be done in the android studio by just pressing ctrl, shift and F12, which when done, you need not worry about the windows systems coming on the foreground while you are working.

13. How to understand different methods? The android studio does offer a lot of methods and parameters and also has a command action that can provide you with information about each method which you can earn in depth which will bring ease and comfort to you as an android developer.

14.  How to know the feature activates? When you working in the android studio, you are sure to use many features which you will activate and use, so in a glossary if you want to figure out which feature you have activated, there is a command action to achieve the same objective in a much faster pace.

15. How to move the statements? When there is a need to move one or more codes up and down you can use statements and use the particular command action which will help in moving it around.

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16. How to open a class? When working with android studio, you would have created quite a several classes and the easiest way of opening one of them would be to use the command action of ctrl and n which will serve the objective.

17. Use of split-screen: this is used when there is a need to see upper and lower parts of the longer code, the split-screen will help in keeping the tab and file on the same screen for your comfort and ease.

18. Copy the code: If you are towards the end of a line and you realize the need to copy the code, you can achieve this objective by using ctrl and d.

So these are certain tips and tricks that you can use while using the android studio for your app development works. These are surely sued by the best android developers for better and ease in operating through the android studio.

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