How long will it take time to get Traffic Boost And Google SEO Ranking?


Get Organic Traffic Boost And Improve Google SEO Ranking Faster: Everyone’s telling you to invest thousands of dollars or thousands of your hours into SEO. And if you do, when should you expect results? The last thing you wanna do is spend thousands of dollars or thousands of your hours and be like, “Mm, it’s not working.” That would just suck. Hey, everyone, I’m Piyush Chittora, and today I’m gonna share with you –

  • How much time will it gonna take to see results from SEO?
  • How much time you will actually need to get high DA-PA for your website?
  • When will you get millions of organic traffic from Google?
  • How to achieve zero to millions of visitors per month?

Strategy for getting Organic Traffic Boost, Google SEO Ranking

Success Story: Here’s the First thing, when I first started, I quickly got up to 9,000 visitors a month from Google search. Within a matter of 12 months, you fast forward, I went to all the way to roughly 89,000 visitors a month from Google, right? So in one year I almost 10xed my results.


You fast forward another 12 months, I hit over 450,000 visitors a month from Google. So in two years, I went from 9,000 to 40K or roughly 50,000 thousand visitors a month. That’s a huge increase, right? Just think about that. Zero to 50K visitors per month, That’s crazy.

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How do I achieve it? Now, If you want to get the same results as me because when I started, this wasn’t my first post. I’d been in SEO for a long time, well over 10 years. When you first start SEO, in the first three months you should see more impressions. Go log into Google Search Console and go look at Search Analytics.


Don’t loose Patience, Stay focus and Keep doing your Work

You will see how many impressions you’re getting. As the first three months go by, your impressions should be going up. If they’re not going up, you’re probably doing something off or you’re in a competitive space. Within six months for sure, the impression count should go up. And within your Google Analytics, you should see traffic from Google other than terms from your brand name.

Yeah, you already may be getting a lot of traffic for your brand name, but you should be getting traffic for keywords outside of your brand name, even if it’s not a lot. So in the first six months, you should be getting traffic from key terms that aren’t your brand name. Within a year, things should start really kicking in.

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Within two years, that’s when you’re gonna see the bulk of your SEO growth. By then you’ve built up your authority and trust in Google and you just start ranking for almost anything.

Don’t underestimate the power of Social Media

Now, here’s a caveat. If you’re not building links and you’re not writing a lot of content and you’re not getting social signals to your site, it can take even longer to get rankings. So, to get results within the timeframes I’m giving you, you need to be publishing at least one blog post a week, and building links at least 5 to 10 links a month, and of course, you need to be promoting your content each and every single week on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and any of your other social profiles and be getting engagement.


If you do that, you’ll get results within the first 12 months, but you’ll see the bulk of your results come within the first two years.

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