15 Most Amazing Google Tips And Tricks You Can Do Work in Seconds

Most Amazing Google Tips And Tricks you can do work in seconds

How big is Google? You will never have a single idea of what actually is Google. We all only use Google just to search out things, answers to the questions. But there are so many tips and tricks available you must know about them, or they can be a big deal for you. In this post, you will find the best of the best Google Search Tips and Tricks you should about it and that will be so helpful to you.

Most Amazing Google Tips And Tricks You Can Do Your Work within Seconds

So not wasting your precious time, let's getgo to explore the most amazing Google Simple tips and tricks that can solve your queries, questions, give you information within seconds surprisingly ---

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1] Pronounce Any long Number on Google in seconds

If suddenly you have a number like "785683456485" and you want to pronounce it. You will get confused for a time or will take time. But Google can do it within seconds.

Just type in Google search as " 785683456485=English " and within seconds Google will tell you the exact answer you are looking for. So just put a number on Google search bar and place a "=English" after the number and hit enter and see Google's magic.

But a point to be noted that Google takes no more than twelve digits. Enjoy this trick.

2] Download or Watch Online Any New or Old Movie in seconds

If you are a movie lover, looking for download new movies free, or want to watch online movies for free, looking for sites who can give you download links of the latest movies then, of course, you maybe see some spam download links by you would just spinning round and round.

If I say you can download the latest movies within seconds easily, watch new movies online by just a simple Google trick then what would you say?

Yes! You can do it so easily, and it's possible. Just go to Google and type the movie name and place "Google Drive" after it. The results will be shown via movies and related to google drive links nothing more else.

3] Windows 93 Trick - Experience Old Windows93 in Seconds

Maybe you are using Windows 7, Vista, Windows 9 or 10 right now. But if I say you can experience old Windows 93 on your desktop easily with one single click then what would you say? That would be so amazing... right?

You can do it so easily just follow these simple steps. Go to Google Search and type " Windows93 " and click on the first option.

After clicking the option, you will gonna see a magic Windows 93 experience on your screen. Use it and take an amazing experience by exploring the old Windows 93.

4] Google Mirror Search - Google Tips And Tricks

elgooG: Wondering you can get an amazing Google Mirror search experience right on the front of your laptop screen. Just type "Google Mirror Search " and hit enter. Follow the first option. Click for Must try it.

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Search anything and you will see results as its mirror. Amazing and cool... Right?

Yes, It has some limitations and foundations because it's just a simple website, not the actual Google. Write in comments down below if you found any wrong thing on the site. I'll be waiting for your sharp mind comments.

5] Play Games Online Free in seconds - Google Tips And Tricks

Sometime you will feel lazy while working hours of hours on the computer and you might need something a refreshment. Well, Google has something for you. Type " Pacman Doodle Game " and you will see the game on your computer screen. Play the game and feel refreshed in seconds.

How to Play Games Online Free in seconds

There are more online games are available downside like "Earth Day Quiz", "Tic Tac Toe", "Snake", "Minesweeper", "Solitaire", "Spin a dreidel" and more.

6] Search Information From an Image in seconds

If you a photo or internet photo or document photo and you are curious about it and what to know the details about the photo, or looking for similar photos of it than Google has something for you. Go to Google.com and look for " Images " option at the right upper side. There you will see a camera button.

On clicking the option you will have the options to upload your image via URL or upload an image directly from your mobile or computer. And you will see the amazing results about the photo or document you uploaded.

It isn't a nice tip by Google.

7] Auto-Suggestions By Google - Google Tips And Tricks

Google always give you related keywords while you are typing in its search bar. Type anything and Google will automatically suggest more related queries, questions, and answers that you are looking for. Isn't Google just amazing? Must try it!

Auto-Suggestions By Google

8] Get Instantly Flight Status on Google in seconds

If you travel a lot in flight or you want to look for flight details, Google will help you in that. Just type " Flight and *flight number or name* " and hit enter. You will get a huge surprise by Google. You will gonna see every detail about any flight, including flight stoppings, arrival time, departure time, date, how much time will this flight take to reach its destination place and much more. isn't it amazing?

How to Get Instantly Flight Status on Google in seconds

9] Google Underwater - Google Search Tips And Tricks

If you want to let Google dive into water then you can do it just by typing " Google Under Water " in the search bar. Click on the first link that will take you to Google Underwater world. The more you search the more you get fishes under this Google Ocean. It's just for fun and entertainment. Try it.

10] Search All Related websites in seconds

Sometimes you want to find some similar websites and you don't know how to find it on Google. Then here a quick tip for you. Just type " related: *anysite.com* ". You will get all the related websites list within seconds. Super amazing Google!

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Search All Related websites in seconds
Search All Related websites in seconds

11] Mathematics Solutions on Google in Seconds

You might be wondering to know you can use google as a calculator too. Just put the digits and write your mathematical equation and Google always gives you the right solution. How Genius is Google!

12] Find Your Lost Phone Location with Google

Surprisingly with Google, you can find your lost phone, also can get the location of your mobile phone, format your phone, or actually can ring your phone online. Just type " Find my Device" or click here and Sign in with the same Gmail that is using on your Android and you will see all the information about your mobile including the location, ring your phone, battery percentage, secure device option, erase device option, locate on map option.

Find Your Lost Phone Location with Google

13] Get Festival Dates, Weather report of any city in seconds on Google

If you want to know about any festival date, details, or any city weather report, what temperature right now in my city, What will the future weather, all this information you will get on Google just by typing some words.

Type the festival name and use the Google Suggestions and you will get your answer so quickly within seconds.

To know about your city weather, just type your city name and weather report or ask google to tell you about the weather of your city and surprisingly you will surely gonna be amazed.

14] Get the latest results trick on Google

Google is full of surprises. You can actually enhance the search results list by simply applying filter tools on your result. To get the latest results to click on "Tools" options just beside the "Google Setting" option. Then you will gonna see options so Google can show results published in Past Hour.., Past 24 Hours... or past week... or past month... or past year... or you can customize it your own. AMAZING!!!

Get the latest results trick on Google

15] Find Free Stock Images or No Copyright images on Google in seconds

If you are a blogger or own a website or editor of any publication than you always want to upload some related images for your article. But the most common problem is copyrighted images. You can filter no copyright images, free stock photos, labeled for reuse with modification, labeled for non-commercial reuse images easily just by applying some setting.

Find Free Stock Images or No Copyright images on Google in seconds

Besides them, Google has so many more things and surprises that will gonna amaze you. You just have to write the right words for your query and no doubt Google will always show your the right result. Find more Blogging related queries in this section. You can also know about How To Do SEO Of Single Page Website?

That's it in this post. Hopefully, you like it. feel free to share on social media. Share on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit or anywhere. Thank you for reading this post. You can also post your wonderful comments down below.

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