Remove Appearing At The End Of URLs

Are you currently facing problems in your post URLs, and constantly getting notice "" search parameter at the end of your website URLs? Possibly chances are that this is caused by an instance of a custom Google Search Engine on your website. In this article, we'll talk about how to remove this "" error from your site URLs.

Are you seeing “” appearing at the end of your website’s URLs? Are you wondering what caused this? You have come to the right place. Let’s see how to remove appearing at the end of all site’s URLs.

So this is caused by a setting from Google Custom Search Engine (CSE Manager). Now you might have realized that you applied Google Custom Search Engine sometime ago. That’s right? 

Adding or inserting a Google Custom Search Enging (CSE) code snippet into any web page, all the URLs are appended with suffix at the end.

For example, a URL, e.g., is automatically rewritten and redirected to If you’re searching through the Google Custom Search Engine search box, the tag is added to the end of the URL too. 

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This issue can be resolved by disabling the Results Browsing History from  Google Custom Search Engine settings.

So, here is the solution for resolving or removing the appearing at the end f the URLs.


Time needed: 10 minutes.

Quick Steps to remove “” Appearing At The End Of URLs:

  1. Open CSE Manager

    Visit Google CSE Manager dashboard.

  2. Open your Google Search setup.

    From the left, click the dropdown and select the right CSE you have set up.

  3. Go To Search Features

    Click on Search Features from the left sidebar, then the Advanced tab on the top.

  4. Go To Web Search Setting

    Then, click on the Web search Settings under this tab. See the photo for more details.Google GSC Feature

  5. Disable the Results Browsing History.

    Now disable this ” Result Browsing History” feature.

  6. Save it.

    That’s it. It will remove string and should not appear in each URL.

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