Remove Yellowish Background Color From AdSense Ads In WordPress Or Blogger


Once in a while, I received these typo questions where people asking How to remove the yellow background Color of AdSense ads in WordPress or Blogger site? Or How can I make Adsense Ad Background color transparent? You can do so with really simple steps. Let me show you the perfect solution. Remove Yellowish Background Color from AdSense Ads Units


Remove Yellow Background color from AdSense Ads easily. Some common FAQ About this problem – Remove Yellowish Background Color from AdSense Ads


Why is there a yellowish background color in Adsense Ads?

If you ever notice in your Ads Background that there is a light yellow color background be seeing behind the Ads. This is how a problematic Ad might look like:

Why am I seeing this background-color?


The reason for this yellowish background color is simply because AdSense displays an ad that is actually smaller than the space you provide for the Ad. This generally often happens with responsive Adsense ad units. Sometimes AdSense also displays smaller creatives Ads within larger fixed ad spaces.

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The yellow background color isn’t coming from AdSense or any plugin but from your wp theme. The color yellow you see in the example above or any other color is the background color set by all the standard WordPress themes for the tag.

Often this tag is not very common. AdSense loads its ad into this element. Since it is not used very often most theme developers and users don’t know how it is formatted.

How to fix it without coding? – Remove Yellowish Background Color from AdSense Ads?

If you are a user of Advanced Ads wordpress plugin then you can just go to Advanced Ads > Settings > AdSense and click on the Transparent background option. By doing this the background of AdSense ads will automatically now be transparent.


How to remove the yellow color background with Custom CSS?

If you don’t have that kind of plugins then you can simply just add the following CSS rule in your theme options or additional style.css:

ins.adsbygoogle { background: transparent !important; }

This is a brute force method that would also be to not use responsive ads at all and this is not recommended for most websites nowadays. But still, it works 100% fine.

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How to Fix border around AdSense ads?

The option or CSS Codes described above also fixes the issue where the theme puts a border around the AdSense ad units.

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