Top 10 Tips and Tricks For Android App Developers

Top Tips and Tricks for Android App Developers

Android App Development Tips and Tricks: Android developers are booming in the industry at present times with a rise in android application development and management. Becoming an Android developer takes effort, what takes more effort and time is to be the best one. It is an end product of hard work and perseverance with an amazing skill set.

Every company wants to hire best android app developer for their project. So how do you stand out from the crowd and let newer and better opportunities come to you?

In this article, we will be discussing some tricks and tips that can help you become the best android developer.

Top Tips and Tricks For Android App Developers

1. Start by understanding the basics

Android developers who are the best at their job would always be well versed with their basics. Keep your fundamentals thorough so that no doubt occurs in the basic function of the Android SDK. To understand and creatively use your platform, you should be a master of all the basic nuances and hence can only know how to tweak them.

2. Practice gets the work done

When you start to become an android developer, you think you know everything, but it is impossible. There are a lot of nuances that you grasp while you are practicing it daily. This is completely normal. You should not let this affect the way you look at the development process. This doesn't make you any less of a developer. It is a practice that makes you the best version of who you are.

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3. Increase your knowledge base

Most often, when you reach a particular position at work, you get so comfortable in it that you stop adding on more information. You can always read what other android developers are creating rather than working on what you already know. This will help you keep a tab on the competition and all so push you to thinking more creatively and out of the box.

4. Leaning more programming languages

This is going to bring more opportunities for you from the industry. The companies are looking to hire best android app developer who are well versed in more than one programming language and you can so use this opportunity. Na nay industry, the more you stand out more you will have new perspectives and be chosen by many.

5. Learn new design patterns

This is somewhat of a gray area for a lot of people in the android development industry. As an android developer, you are committed not only to learn various programming languages but also to the various design patterns that can e used in the application that you are developing. This extra skill set is sure to take you to new heights and help you build the best android application for the client.

6. Open-sourcing

This process can help you in understanding how your codes are doing and will also add to the value of yours as an android developer. Few android developers invest in this, they usually curate a code and have it themselves, but when you contribute to the industry by open sourcing your codes and materials, you are being noted as one of the best in the job and industry.

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7. Learn more about your IDE - android studio

Most often the android developers use the android studio in a certain way and will not even try and experiment with all its features. This ends up in the curation of similar codes and new codes and features remain unexplored. If you want to be the best android developer there is, make sure you curate and experiment with a lot of different tools in the android studio which will give you creative and unique ways to code and create applications.

8. Create a great framework for your app

When you have not designed a framework for your application, there is a high chance of just putting up all the different codes altogether. This will make the app look chaotic and highly exhaustive. It is very important to create a functional framework like MVP for your application so that there is a neat demarcation between different interactions and is easy to navigate through.

9. Keep your coding fundamentals intact

There are android developers with experience who still cannot put across a clean code. If you are one among such people, start learning the fundamentals. Understand the guidelines and ethical safeguards of coding and the essential framework of creating one. The best android developers should be able to curate codes that are clean in no time so that their overall application development is a smooth and streamlined process.

10. Test on low-end devices

This is a pro tip for android developers. You have created an application for your client and now want to know how it fares. So make sure you get yourself low-end devices to test and run these apps. Never make the mistake of testing in high-end devices. It is only through this process can you figure out minute flaws about your application, which can be fixed, and eventually then launch the app that is beneficial for your clients.

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Final Words

These are some tips and tricks that can help you in becoming the best android developer of 2021. It takes immense practice and smart work to reach this position. Make sure you use these tips in your day-to-day development life and see the difference for yourself.

With more and more companies coming forward with their app-building dreams, the job opportunities of android developers have only gone up. To land on the best opportunities, you need to be thorough with your knowledge, polish your skill set and keep practicing. It is always the exploration that can help you in discovering new techniques and hacks that can save time and make your work smooth and streamlined.

This makes you stand out from the rest of the android developers and the company will hire you for the job as you are the perfect fit. Make it a habit to learn something new about android development every day, this will keep you intact and very familiar with new modes in the field.


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