BB Ki Vines, Bhuvan Bam Shares Angry Masterji Funny Video in Lockdown, Viral Video

BB Ki Vines, Bhuvan Bam Shares Angry Masterji Funny Video in Lockdown, Viral Video

BB Ki Vines, Bhuvan Bam shares his funny character Angry Masterji Funny video in the lockdown. People say it's really funny to watch again this kind of fun and comedy in the lockdown period. No one can beat the BBkivines.

The popular youtuber BB Ki Vines aka Bhuvan Bam is back with the latest video, title Angry Masterji part-15 with the characters, Angrezi Masterji, Bancho, Fameer Fuddi sitting live video call in lockdown. Enjoy the video with lots of Laughter war!

Watch BB Ki Vines Angry Masterji Part 15 latest video

People are just loving it. They say -- " This is one the ultimate comedy video during the lockdown. " One fan says -- " No one can beat BBkiVines in entertainment. "

Bhuvan Bam captioned the video--- " Due to the lockdown, Bubbly sir has hosted an online class for BB and Banchoddas. This one is for all the students! Special thanks to Amit Kulkarni and Rajas Belsare. "

Well the video is full on trending now on youtube. The viral video got more than one million views in just 3 hours after its uploaded.

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Coronavirus in UAE: Dubai Fines are up to $13,000 for Breaking Lockdown

dubai coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus in UAE - Dubai is not untouched by the grip of COVID-19. Dubai Fines are up to 50,000 Dirhams (Around $13,000 Dollars or Rs10,00,000/-) for breaking Lockdown. Drones are being used to spray for sanitization.

The coronavirus outbreak situation is controlled here. Since January 28, 468 confirmed patients have been found so far. 55 have recovered but 2 have died. Dubai, which was buzzing with tourists, was deserted in Lockdown for 3 days from 26 March. Roads were deserted and malls remained closed. But hotels, restaurants, food joints remain open.

Coronavirus Outbreak UAE: Department stores such as "Carrefour Lulu Hyper Market" are full of daily necessities things. There is no shortage of milk vegetables. Home delivery also continues. LPG and bottled water can be ordered on phones. There is no panic purchase here. The government has gradually implemented restrictive steps and people are also cooperating.

However, here the lockdown rules are very strict. Fines of up to 50,000 dirhams (about $13,000 Dollars, Rs 10 lakh rupees) are being imposed for breaking the rules. See also a report on how badly is the USA affected, Coronavirus USA News: 13K More New Cases Found In Just One Day

The rule of not exiting from 8 am to 6 am is also strictly enforced. For social distancing, the number of people sitting in bus and metro has been reduced by one third.

The government has extended the sanitation drive started in Dubai till 4 April. All seventeen thousand Taxies are sanitized in the city. The drones are also being sprayed.

The Dubai Municipality has completed work in 43 areas, 129 sites, roads and multi-story buildings of the city till Friday.

6 sprays, 34 pressure spray vehicles, 6 cleaning machines, 72 pressure sprayers have been installed. Thousands of workers are engaged in sanitizing Dubai's 47 metro stations, 11 tram stations, 11 tram-trains, 1372 buses, and 17 bus stations. On the other hand, more people have been given the facility to work from home. Online schooling is not affected due to the closure of the school.

DUBAI After COVID Outbreak

Children are serious about e-learning. School management and teachers are constantly taking feedback. Because of this, there is a lot of load on the internet and mobile services. Telecom officials are managing it.

The closure of business, tourism is a concern among the common people and businessmen. But everyone hopes that they will soon be able to say the world again - Welcome Back to Dubai.

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