Bruce Lee Was Trained By Ip Man? Is He Better than Lee?

Bruce Lee Was Trained By Ip Man Is He Better than Lee
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Ip Man wasn’t Bruce Lee’s trainer and I’m unaware that he ever claimed to be. However, the solution to the question itself is – in fact, he was better. Ip Man had mastered Wing Chun. He was allegedly well-known for having the ability to use Wing Chun in real fight situations in addition as Wing Chun sparring. that does not say that Ip-Man was an objectively great fighter. We just don’t know that.

It is an underestimation to mention that Wing-Chun martial arts don’t fare well against today’s moderately well trained Mixed Martial-Artists. They get knocked out pretty quickly or worse. The question is whether or not Ip-man was better than Lee? The best answer would be – sure was. Ip Man spent his life studying and training that art, more than 4-5 years. He had numerous matches while Bruce Lee had one which one wasn’t against a true fighter.

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Bruce Lee had less than four years of Wing Chun training, allegedly from Ip Man’s student, before Lee faction Chun and thereafter trained himself. Lee may and possibly was better than Ip Man in body development, stretch so on or even not since his methods, while innovative, were radical and possibly contributed to his deteriorating soundness within the months before his death.

Lee probably could do more callisthenics, pull-ups and possibly had a way more extensive knowledge of weight training than Ip Man.

Under no circumstances did Lee have identical knowledge as Ip Man in Wing Chun, Chinese martial arts or fighting normally. Lee never fought competitively. His most famous and really only important fight with a Chinese Kung Fu teacher who really couldn’t fight within the first place.

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Lee made a complete of five movies. The three important movies were– The Big Boss, The Chinese Connection and The Way of the Dragon. If you actually study those movies you quickly see that his technique is fast but limited. His kicks are wide and completely impractical. He fights multiple people by having them attack him one at a time.

He became famous because up thereto point Kung Fu/self-protection movies demonstrated sloppy technique. Fumio Demura may be a classic example of that. Lee wasn’t sloppy, he was crisp and fast. Nevertheless, there are a variety of Chinese / Asian self-protection actors who had better faster, crisper technique. Tony Jaa and Jet Li come immediately to mind.

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Had Lee not been an actor he wouldn’t be remembered today in the slightest degree. He was remotely not within the same class as Ip Man, or for that matter, S. Henry Cho, Byong Yu, Mas Oyama, Gichin Funokushi and a few thousand or ten thousand other martial artists.

More importantly, he wasn’t remotely within the same class as two American Martial Artists who immediately come to mind also, one among which continues to be teaching. they’re the late Joe Lewis and also the still practising, Bill Wallace.

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