Gail Fisher, The First Black Women to Play Substantive Roles in American TV

Gail Fisher, The First Black Women to Play Substantive Roles in American TV

African-American actress Gail Fisher, who is best known for playing the role of secretary Peggy Fair on the television detective series Mannix from 1968-1975. This was the role for she won two Golden Globe Awards and an Emmy Award. Also, the interesting thing is that she was the first black woman to win either these awards. In 1969She also won an NAACP Image Award.

Born on 18 August 1985, New Jersey, USA, Gail Ann Fisher (Birth Name) got a really big chance by Coca-Cola contest. She won a big chance (opportunity) to study acting at New York's American Academy of Dramatic Arts for two years. She was trained under Lee Strasberg for a time and became a member (the first African-American accepted) of the Repertory Theater at Lincoln Center, where she worked with Elia Kazan and Herbert Blau.

Gail Fisher And Mark Stewart in Mannix 1970

Gail Fisher Became The First Black Women to Play Substantive Roles in American Television

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In 1970, Fisher became the very first African-American Actress to win an Emmy award for her amazing acting for Oustanding Supporting Actress for her role character as Peggy Fair in "Mannix" Drama Series.

She was also going through with drugs as she battled drugs in the popular show's aftermath and finally sought rehab after being arrested for cocaine possession in 1978.

Surprisingly she appeared on American television about once a year, as guest-starring on popular shows such as Fantasy Island, General Hospital, Knight Rider, and The White Shadow.

Gail Fisher, in a 1972 interview

"Certain people who had no knowledge of blacks have maybe -- maybe -- learned something because of Mannix's Peggy Fair. Blacks were pretty much alien objects on TV as recently as 10 years ago, you know, and now we're people. I think maybe before it's all over, it's going to be all right, and I'm proud I'm a part of that."

Gail Fisher was divorced twice in her life

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Gail was married and divorced twice times in her life. She had two daughters, Samara and Jole, from her 1965-72 marriage to John O Levy (John Levy). after that, she was married to a business from Los Angeles, Robert A. Walker.

Actress Died Cause of Kidney Failure At Home

Unfortunately, in 2000 at age 65, Gail Fisher died in Culver City, California, USA, reportedly from kidney failure. And it is a shocking story after the sad moment that after twelve hours of her death, her brother Clifton also died from heart failure.

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