How Alia Bhatt Becomes an Actress Even Though She Is Small?

How Alia Bhatt Becomes an Actress Even Though She is So Small?

Alia Bhatt is an awesome, young hot, and beautiful Bollywood actress. One of the best in the industry with lots of spectacular performances (see Udta Punjab and Raazi for two examples). Her height is supposedly 5 feet and 1 inch. That makes her rather petite by American standards, but by Indian standards, she’s an inch taller than average (since the average Indian woman’s height is 5 feet tall).

Photo: Alia Bhatt (Source: Instagram/aliaabhatt)

Alia originally became an actress because of her connections in the industry. Her dad is Mahesh Bhatt, a renowned Bollywood movie director, and her mom is Soni Razdan, who herself was an actress. And, her mentor is Karan Johar, who launched her in Student of the Year. Obviously, connections matter to get an initial break.

I doubt very much though that Alia’s height was on Karan Johar’s mind when he decided to launch her. He probably saw the sheer talent she has and cast her on that basis. It definitely did help that she was Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter (Mahesh Bhatt had worked with Karan’s Dharma Productions in the past, so obviously, there was that familiarity connection).

Photo: Alia Bhatt And Karan Johar

Height doesn’t predict whether a person can act or not. Yes, now granted, Aliaa should probably not be cast in a role of a tall person (for instance, Alia should probably not do a biopic of Ivanka Trump, considering Ivanka is ten inches taller than Alia).

But even then, it’s not like the height of a character is something that is rigid. After all, the Hobbits and Dwarves in LOTR were not really hobbits or dwarves, right? With some forced perspective from talented cinematographers, I am sure Alia or someone shorter could pull off a role of a taller woman.

But anyway, so the premise of short height being a debilitating factor for women being actresses is incorrect. There are lots of shorter women who are in movies and still successful (examples: Lady Gaga, Reese Witherspoon, Ellen Page, Kristin Bell... etc).

Alia Bhatt is another such actress, is an amazing actress, and absolutely deserves all the success she’s found. Her physical stature may be small, but her acting prowess is through the roofs.

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(All images Sources: Alia Bhatt’s official Instagram handle.)

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