Is Kim Kardashian the worst Model today? Why is she so popular?

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Is Kim Kardashian West the worst Model today? Why is she so popular now? Who is She? Why do people like Kim Kardashian so much? Why do some people hate Kim Kardashian so much?

Who is Kim Kardashian West?

Kim Kardashian West or Kimberly Noel Kardashian is an American media personality, businesswoman, socialite, model, and actress. Kardashian attracted media attention as a friend and stylist for Paris Hilton for the first time, but got fame in 2003, with her ex-boyfriend, Ray Jay received extensive notice after Kim’s sex tape.

Is She the worst Model today? Why is She so popular?

Kim Kardashian West is famous for doing nothing.

She is just a famous dumb slut, whore, prostitute, etc.

She just got famous for having a sex tape, nude photo, because she got with X, Y, Z guy.

She’s just famous because of X, Y, Z body parts.

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Eight times! when I hear this because a woman had a sex tape, naked photo, or dirty little secret. It was without her consent. Oftentimes the story is worse. It was leaked by someone she trusted or loved. Or someone was trying to profit off their humiliation and public ridicule. Many women have their lives, careers, and reputations destroyed. But others manage to rise above it. Examples- See Paris Hilton, Marilyn Monroe, and Zahia Dehar.

It doesn’t matter what they do, how nice, intelligent, or * inspire other good quantities and achievements here *, they will forever be tainted by what was exposed to the public long ago. It’s the double standard of society that we judge women more harshly than we do men.

Paris Hilton is famous for being famous, the quintessential rich young heiress and dumb blonde.

Paris Hilton’s boyfriend at the time, Rick Salomon released and profiled off a sex tape that was supposed to be private.

Kim And Kourtney Kardashian Feeling Chocolaty in pictures


Hilton stated: “I never received a dime from the video. It’s just dirty money and (Salomon) should give it some charity for the sexually abused or something. To be honest, I don’t even think about it anymore.

Today she is a famous brand, a businesswoman, among other things. She made 1.5 billion of her perfumes, has 44 KKWBeauty stores & Companies of her name which she earns $10 million from.

Marilyn Monroe was not respected as an actress during her lifetime. She was paid cheaply compared to other actresses like Jane Russel who was paid 10 times what she was paid. Despite the fact that Marilyn Monroe had a huge following.

She did a nude photoshoot for a little known calendar for $50 when she was 22. The press found out (many actresses have their careers ruined for this). The photo rights were sold to Hugh Hefner who bought it for $500 to start his famous magazine.

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Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.

Marilyn said: “Sure I possess. I needed the money.

Today she is a well-known icon and sex symbol. The most famous scarlet of the 50s golden age, and an instantly recognizable brand.

Zahia Dehar was caught in an underage prostitution scandal, she became a top French fashion designer at the age of 21.

I personally don’t admire these women, but I can understand why others might. Someone like Kim Kardashian is certainly not the worst role model in the world. To me, these women symbolize vanity and the ugliness of fame. I don’t hate them as people though and respect their ability to persevere.

Post Source: Gilda Marlot From New York, USA

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