Know About Frech Actor Olivier Martinez's Son Maceo Robert

Everyone’s been curious about handsome French actor Olivier Martinez’s lovely son, Maceo Robert Martinez. Social media has been uproar whenever the adorable little Maceo captures going out with his daddy Olivier Martinez. Little Maceo has been the talk of the town since we hardly get to see him on any of his parents’ social media account.

Maceo Rober Martinez is the son of the French actor Olivier Martinez and the beautiful American actress Halle Barry. His first name Maceo comes from Spanish origin, which means ‘Gift of God.’ And the middle name Robert comes from his grandfather. The couple wanted to name their son after Olivier’s father’s name. Olivier Martinez’s father was a Spanish professional boxer. His name embraces a beautiful meaning, also the blessing of his grandfather. According to resources, the couple wanted to give him a name great in both the U.S. and France. The couple wanted a hyphenated name- a part of the old world and the new world. Maceo has been a baby of the family since he was born. Here, at OtakuKart, we’re going to reveal everything you want to know about Olivier Martinez’s adorable son, Maceo Robert Martinez.

Who is Olivier Martinez?

Olivier Martinez is a well-established French actor who has been known for his role in the French film called ‘Un, deux, trois, soleil’ (released in 1993). This film is his debuting movie, which granted him the Cesar Award for the ‘Most Promising Actor’. He has made an appearance in many Hollywood-featured productions like Night Before Falls (2000), an American thriller, drama film Unfaithful (2002), and many more. The most recent one is an American biblical drama film Paul, Apostle of Christ (2018).

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Olivier Martinez And Halle Berry’s Relationship

Halle Maria Berry is an American actress and model. Her role in the romantic comedy Boomerang gave a hike to her career. During the 2000s, she was one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

Olivier met Halle Berry on the set of the action thriller movie Dark Tide in 2010. In the film, Olivier and Halle played the role of a married couple. The sparkling chemistry while playing the couple role must have ignited sparks in their feeling. It led to the rumors about them being in a relationship. And eventually, the tales turned into reality when the couple announced their engagement in March 2012, the same month the movie was released. They had a private marriage ceremony at Chateau des Conde in Valley, France, on 13 July 2013.

Halle Berry and Olivier MartinezHalle Berry and Olivier Martinez

Olivier Martinez’s Son Timeline

Olivier and Berry blessed with a son on 5 October 2013. They named him Maceo-Robert Martinez. The adorable Maceo was an angel of the family since birth. Unfortunately, the pair announced that they were getting divorced in October 2015. The couple parted after two years of marriage. This decision made many changes in little Maceo’s life. At that time, Maceo was only two years old. A child, too young and unknown to the ruling of this world, a child who would never get to see his parents as a couple, a child who will have to part his love, time, and life between his parents.

Maceo Robert MartinezPhoto: Maceo Robert Martinez

Maceo’s Big Sister

Halle Berry has another baby girl Nahla Ariela Aubrey from her previous relationship. Therefore, she has to stay in L.A. due to the custody issue. But Olivier never liked living in L.A., leading to several arguments between him and Halle. Nevertheless, the former pair is concerned and focused on raising Maceo as best as they can be. The former couple decided to do co-parenting. Halle’s oldest child, Nahla, has been close to her baby brother since he was born. According to people, Nahla was skipping happily in the corridor when her mother gave birth to little Maceo. Nahla always likes to take care of her baby brother and adore him dearly.

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Co-Parenting – Maceo’s Summer Custody Arrangement

The summer season is in full boom, Olivier and Halle are also deciding their summer vacation plans. Olivier Martinez and his ex-wife Halle Berry share joint custody of Maceo. They have agreed to modify their regular custody. So that they both can get the chance to take their son Maceo on some vacations. In the new, modified custody agreement, Olivier and Halle marked some dates of weeks according to their adjustments, making them so that they can go out with Maceo.

As per their agreement, there will be “no restrictions on either parents’ ability to travel with Maceo outside the state of California during their custodial times.” The agreement also included the other clauses so there would be no dispute among them. The former pair signed off the new summer custody agreement in May 2021. Their regular agreement will resume in September 2021. Despite being divorced, disputes, and other issues, the duo is utmost working on co-parenting responsibilities for their son Maceo Robert Martinez.

Olivier and Halle Co-ParentingMaceo with Halle and Olivier

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