Mahesh Bhatt Blown Away By Alia Bhatt's Earnings, Said: I Have Not Earned So Much Money In 50 Years

Talking about the top actresses of Bollywood, Alia Bhatt's name will definitely be included in it. In a very short time, Alia has transformed her name into a brand. Along with excellent performance, he has achieved a position of his own. Due to this, today her name is included in the top actresses. Seeing this success of the daughter, father Mahesh Bhatt is also very happy. In this daughter's success, Mahesh Bhatt said in an interview to Elle Magazine that he is very happy with Alia's success.

Ability in Alia: In an interview given to the magazine about daughter Alia, Mahesh Bhatt said that Alia does not need us now. Alia has the ability to move forward. About himself Mahesh Bhatt said that he has always made films to run the household. But today Alia has achieved a position with her hard work and hard work. Also he is very intelligent.

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Alia earned a lot of money in 2 years: During an interview in Mahesh Bhatt, it was said that when Alia was young, she used to apply cream on her dad's feet for 500 rupees. But today she has earned so much money with her hard work and dedication that I have not earned in the last 50 years of life.

Beginning of her production house: Alia has recently started her production house in the direction of moving forward. She named her production house Eternal Sunshine Production House

. Since then, Alia has joined the few actresses who have their own production house.

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