Tisca Chopra Talks About Her Life Career Experience In Bollywood

Tisca Chopra talks about her experience in Bollywood

After her directorial debut with the short film ‘Rubaru’ and entertaining audiences for over two decades, actress Tisca Chopra made headlines during the COVID pandemic for handing out rice packets to theatre staff. The Taare Zameen Par actor recently attended the final day of the 2021 Indian School of Business Leadership Summit along with exhibitor and distributor Akshaye Rathi, where she shared her experience working in the entertainment industry.

When asked about it, Tisca recalled that the one thing she had learned from perfectionist Aamir Khan during Taare Zameen Par’s shoot was that everyone involved in the process, from the mocking boys to the filmmakers, editors and directors during the script reading session. Not only does this process make others feel welcome and make it their project, but it also makes it easier for them to share their thoughts and feedback on a particular scene. This process ensures that the souls of all 200/300 people are invested in creating a masterpiece.

She elaborated on it saying it was a smart technique because everyone involved in a filming process is a creative genius and their feedback can help the director a lot as everyone’s experiences are a little different despite similar circumstances.

India’s entertainment industry is filled with self-taught individuals. Most of them have to learn while working on projects because of the lack of educational institutions teaching filmmaking or business, law or entertainment management.

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Speaking of the same, Tisca said: “We have very few institutions, namely National School of Drama in Delhi, Film and Television Institute of India in Pune, they are very few and far in between, it’s daunting. Then there are assumptions like -- hum toh utke aa jaayenge and actor ban jaayenge, or you know costume, you know makeup for a movie. What people miss is knowing how to do makeup for a party that different from that for a movie.

Share an example Tisca explained that in the early days' people wore thick makeup because of the extremely high light that was used. She went on to say that these perceptions should be taught by teaching aspiring people the history of makeup in the entertainment industry.

She went on to reveal that after experiencing some of her films having a disappointing response, Tisca went back to school for 5-6 years doing theatre to learn the nuances and tidbits of filmmaking that still help her in her career.

I treated the theater as my school. I learned everything there. From set designs to costumes, everything. When I become a director now, I find that knowledge so useful. When people ask me if it’s my first time directing and I answer positively, they wonder how I know what happened. I was like theater teaches you to be prepared. Of course, as an actor, I always kept my eyes and ears open to learn all kinds of things. If I had gone to film school, I wouldn’t have had to put in that time after I got into the business. I would have done it sooner. That’s why I think it’s important to create institutions that teach you about the history and reason behind every action while working in the film industry,” -- concludes the actor.

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We are sure that these beautiful insights will certainly help the aspirants and future generations to make their dream careers a success.

In addition to being a full-time actor and filmmaker, Tisca Chopra recently published the book “What’s Up With Me?: Puberty, Periods, Pimples, People, Problems and More,” which is written to help teens deal with their growth spurts. With production like Chutney and directing like Rubaru, we can’t wait to see Tisca bring us an amazing feature film!

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