15 Badass Nicki Minaj Trendy Quotes Will Inspire You in Life

badass Nickei Minaj trendy Music Lyrics Quotes Life changing quotes

Queens Nicki Minaj Trendy Quotes: Nicki Minaj is one in the celebrity name who got abuse in her time and still she is called by many names. But Nicki didn't mind those haters and keep moving to a successful life. Here we have fifteen Nicki Minaj Music lyrics Trendy Quotes that will inspire you in your life.

Queen Barbie Nicki Minaj is the first female rapper to debut at number 1 on the digital song sales chart with a solo track. Check out her Instagram.

Nicki Minaj Trendy Quotes ( Music Lyrics Quotes ) that will inspire you

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Always tellsomeone how you feel because opportunities are lost in the blink or an eye, but regrets can last a liftime.

- Nicki Minaj

I give zero fucks adn i got zero chill in me.

- Nickie Minaj Quotes

You gotta be a beast, that the olny way whey will respect you.

Nicki Minaj Trendy Quotes

When you a legend, when you legendary, you shine no matter what.

Nicki Minaj Life Hacking quotes

I can't fall for you, Can't give my all to you,

I can't let you think, that imma let the game stall for you,

Gotta protect me, You gotta seat me,

You said you thought, you was ready & I said, let's see..

But I ain't mean that.

Nicki Minaj Quotes - Trendy Quotes

Mind over matter, I don'tmind and you don't matter.

Nicki Minaj Life Trendy Quotes

Life is a movie but there will never be a sequel.

- Nicki Minaj Life hack Quotes

When i win and when I lose, I take ownership of it, because I really am in charge of what I do.

Nicki Minaj Rap Quotes

You will stay, You will stay in my heart forever.

- Nicki Minaj Lyrics Quotes

My tears have dried and I know that no weapon against me will proper.

- Nicki Minaj Life Hack Quotes

Respect your haters. They are the only ones who think you're better than them.

Nicki Minaj Tumblr Quotes

I'mma keep it movin' be classy and graceful.

- Nicki Minaj Lyriccal Quotes

Call me cursed or just call me blessed. If you can'thandle my worst you ain;t getting my best.

- Nicki Minaj Life Trendy Quotes

Maybe some people would describe me as arasive or bitchy or whatever because I vowed from that age. No man would ever abuse me, call out my name or treat me like that. Then all of sudden, that was my life.

- Nicki Minaj

You moved on so fuck you, shoul've known from day one. I couldn't trust you.

- Nicki Minaj Music Lyrics Quotes, Life Quotes

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