Eye Moments of US President Donald Trump India Visit: From The White House to Motera Stadium

Indian PM Mr Namerndra Modi Welcomed US President Mr Donald Trump And Helana

Best Moments Of 45th President of the United States of America Donald trump India Visit 2020 From The White House, Washington DC, United States to Motera Stadium, Gujrat, India. See the journey moments Of Donald Trump INDIA Visit 2020 Highlights.

US President Donald Trump India Visit Best Remembering Moments #NamasteIndia - From The United States to INDIA

#NAMASTETRUMP - A Meeting Of Two Powerful Nations at One Place in INDIA. United States President Donald Trump And Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi friendly meet with each other showing that the US is always with INDIA, No matter what! India will be always a good friend of the United States.

Moment When Mr. Donald Trump and Melania Departed from The White House

From The White House to Motera Stadium

US President Donald Trump shared a video of their chopper departing for India with Melania from The White House.

Moment When Modi Ji Welcomed to Mr. Trump And Melania

After a period of time, India's Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji replied to the tweet a message " India Awaits your arrival. Your visit is definitely going to further strengthen the friendship between our nations. "

Mr. Trump Before reaching INDIA

Showing her grace and feeling superb for India Visit, Mr. Trump tweeted a Hindi message to all Indian people that I am very excited to meet you all people in a few hours.

We look forward to coming to India. We are on the way, we will meet everyone in a few hours!

- President Donald Trump

Narendra Modi Tweeted back in Hindi

PM Modi Ji tweeted back and welcomed Donald trump with a reply message "Atithi Devo Bhavah".

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President Trump's grand reception at Ahmedabad Airport

When US President Mr. Donald Trump reached the Ahmedabad, Gujrat Airport, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji welcomed him and her wife Melania Trump.

Here is How Mr. Trump Family was welcomed in Trump INDIA Visit 2020

Namastey Trump: Here is how US President Donald Trump was welcomed in Ahmedabad. During our first meeting at the White House, Mr. President Donald Trump told Narendra Modi that-

India has a friend in the White House. Modi Ji was absolutely correct! Together, they will keep working towards deepening bilateral ties between India & USA.

Narendra Modi Officialy declairs the talking between Mr. Trump and him

Modi Ji Addressing #NamasteTrump with his friend Mr. Trump

Trump And Modi Take Motera Stadium - Narendra Modi Ji Addressing Indian People on Motera Stadium, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, welcoming the legendary US President Mr. Donald Trump and her wife Melana.

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Unparalleled vibrancy at the world’s largest stadium. Entire Gujarat speaks in one voice- #NamasteTrump

Wonderful Moment When Mr. Trump Addressing Indian People

When US President Mr. Donald Trump Came to the stage first time-

Addressing the Indian people the very first word he said is - " NAMASTE", that was the moment when the crowd was shouting and cheering for president with Modi Ji.

The first lady and I have traveled around 8000 miles around the world to give a message to every citizen of this country. America loves India - America respects India - and
People of America will always remain true and sincere friends of the people of India.

- Donald Trump While Addressing Indian People

Narendra Modi Donald Trump

Two Great Leaders Meetings at One Place in Ahmedabad Motera Stadium

During the Namaste Trump Programme, Mr. Trump talked about his friend Narendra Modi's childhood life. He said - He is strong, How a "Chai Wala" became the leader of the nation. The Journey telling the story of his struggles. He is one of the powerful men who has 130+ million people behind.

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Mr. Trump also talked about Indian culture, festivals, ethos, people, the SRK films, DDLJ, Bollywood industry, Radical Islamic Terrorism. Mr. Modi Gave a respectful Thankyou for his kind words. See the tweet-

Upon landing in Ahmedabad, President Trump, The First Lady and Ivanka went to Sabarmati Ashram

Upon landing in Ahmedabad, POTUS and FLOTUS and Ivanka went to Sabarmati Ashram in Gujrat.

Narendra Modi also captioned images with a text -

The path and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi are not only globally popular but also very relevant in today’s times.

- Narendra Modi Tweet While The Great Leaders visiting Sabarmati Ashram, Gujrat

US President Donald Trump Received Ceremonial Reception at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi

Donald Trump and the First Lady Melania Trump were Received a ceremonial reception welcome at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, New Delhi, India.

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US President Donald Trump & First Lady Melania Trump pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and write in the visitor’s book at Raj Ghat India

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US President Donald Trump’s message in the visitor’s book at Raj Ghat,

‘The American people stand strongly with a sovereign and wonderful India – The vision of the great Mahatma Gandhi. This is a tremendous honor!’

Donald Trump Message on Visitors Book, Raj Ghat India
Donald Trump Message in the visitors Book at Raj Ghat
Donald Trump Message in the visitors Book at Raj Ghat

Trending hashtags on Twitter

At this moment Social Media Twitter was full of Hashtags welcoming Mr. Trump to India. Whatever words Mr. trump speaking to the Indian audience, those words become trending on Social media Twitter like a boom. Some of the most trending hashtags are:

  • #NamasteTrump and #NamasteyTrump
  • #TrumpInIndia
  • #TrumpIndiaVisit
  • #IndiaWelcomesTrump
  • #TrumpModiMeet
  • #RadicalIslamicTerrorism
  • #DDLJ
  • #Sabarmati Ashram
  • "India US" and "India And US"

Most Powerful Pictures Of Trump India Visit 2020

Donald Trump's Daughter Ivanka Trump Tweeted to be Honored to return India again

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump and the first lady Melana tweeted a message and said that - " I am feeling so honored and proud that I am coming back to India visit again. "

The very first time Ivanka came to India at The Global Entrepreneurial Summit in Hyderabad city two years ago. And now after two years back, PM Modi Ji welcomed again Ivanka in Motera Stadium.

I'm honored to return to India with POTUS ( President Trump ) and FLOTUS ( Melana Trump )to celebrate that the grand friendship between the World's largest democracies has never been stronger.

- Ivanka Trump

Trump Family Photos Trump During India Visit 2020

After reaching India Trump's family and Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi also went to "Sabarmati Ashram, Gujrat" and "The Taj Mahal, Agra". See the pictures-

Visiting the Gandhi Ashram at Sabarmati; home to the ideology that set India free and a wellspring of inspiration and guidance.

- Ivanka Trump Tweet after Visitng Sabarmati Ashram, Gujrat, India Visit

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