Olly Esse Hot And Sexy Photos | Italian DJ, Athlete, Fitness Influencer

Olly Esse Hot And Sexy Photos | Italian DJ, Athlete, Fitness Influencer

Olly Esse Hot And Sexy Photos | Olly is an Italian DJ, Athlete, Fitness Influencer, Producer accordingly to social media. See Ollyesse Hot Pics, Images, Sexy Pictures, images, wallpapers, HD Photos, gallery down below.

Olly Esse Hot And Sexy Photos
Olly Esse Hot Photos

" Really thinking that this period is an endurance training. Every month something happened that just puts you down and you really feel like giving up. Firstly we could maybe escape abroad, but at one point the whole world was on the lock. Now, I can start to count down at least 20 things that went wrong this year, or just trying to survive this whole madness and take a stand in some cases and in others try to help, others again to understand and let it go. Sometimes you will be needed, your opinion, your view, your help, other times you just need to accept it and understand that it is what it is. "

"You can't stop a cyclone, you can't stop locusts, huge bees, you can try to stop racism, by spreading awareness, you can stop hunger by volunteering and doing ur Lil bit of charity, you can stop bullying by saying it's wrong and helping to understand why it is like that. You can even stop polluting and try to heal the place you're living in. There are this small- big missions we all can participate and give a hand to inform, work on several things, take a stand, protect. We can do all of it because it's way easier today than it was even 20 years ago. Think about it... " - Olly Esse

Olly Esse Hot Sexy Photos

" Last day before the #lockdown shoot… Made me think how our world will change and did we actually taken the right decisions for this 100 years since the last pandemic situation was there. In these 3 months or so we realised that * Everyone no matter of the gender and privileged position found themselves in the difficulty for a reason or another. Thousands of people will have to review their thoughts about the world and their mentality *Millions of people realised that everything is not so sure as it looks to be - nothing is granted * Gender equality has to be highlighted - now after the lockdown will be lifted, we all have to modify our expectations and adapt it to reality. * Less hate and more unity - does not matter where are you from, it does matter what kind of person you are *It will be harder to restart and to see the light in a tunnel, but in the end, it will be a win situation if we will start to collaborate and create a better tomorrow * We should take a step back and respect the nature more - we see that we can't live without it, but all the signals around showed that nature will survive without us and will be even happier, so let's just stop to pollute that much. *People who are around us will maybe not the best for us. There will be a big change in relationships. *We all have to upgrade and be way more "adult" and comprehensive. " -- Olly Esse

Olly Esse Sexy Photos
Olly Esse Hot And Sexy Photos

" By pointing fingers and saying that others are blamed for your own mistakes or attitude, you're trying to manipulate others and yourself into thinking, that whatever happens, it's not your fault. But if u do it, don't forget that others will do it too. There will be people like doctors who will not medicate you properly blaming the weather, there will be teachers who will not feel responsible to teach you good blaming the book, engineers who will blame fate for the crush of the houses which they constructed, shops which will sell damaged goods and expired food but blame the producer etc. Do you want justice? Do you want fair treatment? Do you want equality? Start with yourself. Be responsible. " - Olly Esse

Olly Esse Sexy Photos
Olly Esse Hot And Sexy
Olly Esse Italian DJ Hot And Sexy Photos

" We hear the same things so many times it became like a radio in the background. We were born with it, it didn't add anything to our life a part of the frustration and low self-esteem. The ultimate boogieman is "what the people will say"? We consider ourselves losers just because we're trying to win the price for someone else. We try to walk like everyone else because it's too scary to walk alone."

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" We are running a marathon not because we want to win, but because we are too scared that if we don't participate then we will be seen as a disappointment.
Some of us will end up with psychological problems like depression, anxiety, or worse. Others will drown themselves in alcohol, drugs etc."

" Some of us will end up in horrible relationships with people we hate to see.
What if we stop for a second and realise that we want to be different, and there's no bad in it?"

" What if we will start to see each other from a diverse position?"

" What if we stop to be scared of that boogieman and start finally to realise that everyone has a different path, and if we are walking alone - a lot of people might support us in our paths and more may follow because they will finally see that the reality is not all black and white, but full of different colours. " ---Olly Esse

Olly Esse DJ Hot And Sexy Photos
Italian beauty Olly Esse Hot Photos
Olly Esse Sexy Pics

" Home workout is something that we all need to do as we have to deal with months of lockdown. For now, I was doing one hour every day except Sundays to maintain my muscle mass. It's going good, a part of me sweating my heart out in the heat of Mumbai. I've learnt better techniques and I've dealt with my shoulders problems. For now, the things that keep me sane are my supplements. I had a stock of them before the lockdown, now I can easily buy them whenever I want because @fastandup_india restarted to deliver (call them up before to ask if they delivering in red zones) in whole the country. "

" Especially for my followers, I've got the coupon code FUPOLLY10. How does it work? Whenever you will be at the checkout, tap my code in and have a supplementary discount, above on other promotions. It's an exclusive thing I've asked to do only for my people, as I think we all have it hard and some discounts are always good for every one of us. "-- Olly Esse

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Olly Esse Hot Outfit Sexy Photos
Olly Esse Hot And Sexy Photoshoot
Olly Esse Hot And Sexy Tattoos Photos

" Passing my time with my friends on calls and video calls is the best I can do to be with them for now. I dedicate at least 2 hrs of my day time for talking with the majority of people I know because I know that "I'm ok" it's not true. No one is ok and that is the ugly truth. We just have to pretend that we are strong because if not then others will see is as a failed ones. "

" The survival mode is on and we have to try to keep our sanity and preserve our health and life as much as we can. The major fear goes to the "what will I do after the lockdown" or "what the future will be like" "will I have enough to support my family" . We have to acknowledge now more than ever that we yes have to stay strong, but also we have to understand that we will be all traumatized by whatever happened in this months and there's no bad in just saying the truth about how one really feels. Do not bottle up your emotions. Talk about it. "

Olly Esse Hot Pics

Throwback to my first photoshoot in India… So many memories

Olly Esse Sexy Pictures

It's time to ride some good bike Ok, so I've heard that from 8th we will come back to a so-called normal life and I can't even tell u how I'm waiting for it. Obviously some things will remain closed but I am just waiting for at least one small possibility to do things normally in a way. I just crave simple things. I don't need anything else…

Olly Esse Hot Photoshoot Pictures

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