Pooja Batra Photos, Pictures, Images, Hot Shots

Pooja Batra Photos, Pictures, Images, Hot Shots
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See Femina Miss India International (1993) crowned, Indian actress and model, wife of Nawab Shah, ex-wife of Dr Sonu S. Ahluwalia, Pooja Batra Photos, Pictures, Images, Photoshoot outfits, fashion, style pics, Sexy pics, Hot Shots down below:

Pooja Batra Looks Beautiful in Yellow top doing morning routine

Pooja Batra Photos

Pooja Batra Hot Shots: Looks sizzling in a green outfit.

Pooja Batra Pictures

Pooja Batra Hot Photoshoot Pictures

Pooja Batra Images

Pooja Batra Looks Bold in Outfit

Wearing a deep neck lingerie outfit and necker makes her super bold in this outfit.

Pooja Batra Hot Shots

Pooja Batra in Yoga Outfit

Pooja Batra Photoshoot Picture

Pooja looks flaunt in yellow outfit dress.

Pooja Batra Hot Pictures, Images

Pooja Batra Look hot in photo

Photoshoot: Pooja Batra Showcases her style wearing a different culture outfit

Pooja Batra Photoshoot Pics
Photo: Pooja Batra

Pooja Batra Looks Sexy in White Color Off Shoulder Outfit

Showcases herself on wearing white color off shoulder mini dress outfit, Pooja looks really sexy.

Pooja Batra Hot Pics

Pooja Batra Giving a Hot pose in Golden Black Outfit

Pooja Batra Photoshoot in Bikini Outfit

Pooja posing for a bikini photoshoot showing her flaunt curvy body.

Pooja Batra Bikini Photoshoot

Pooja Batra Seems ready for a picnic

Pooja Batra L:ooking gorgeous in flowered white blue outfit

Pooja Batra Outfit Photos, Pictures, Images, Hot Shots

Pooja Batra Bold Photo

Pooja looks bold in purple color velvet off shoulder outfit.

Pooja Batra Photo From Beach

Pooja Batra Beach Photo – Hot Shots

Pooja Batra Looks Sizzling in Black U Neck Outfit Dress

Not much makeup on, wearing a black color dress outfit, Pooja is looking really sizzling.

Pooja Batra Posing in Long Boots Wearing a Stylish Dress

Pooja Batra Bold Photos, Pictures, Images, Gallery

All Photos Source: Pooja Batra Instagram @poojabatra | See more Celebs Photos.

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