10 Anushka Shetty Never Known Dirty Secrets of South Star Actress


South star actress Anushka Shetty is extremely popular in the film industry, who never hesitate to expose, never hesitate to satisfy any director or producer or any hero. She let anyone touch her on or off-screen if you look at her erotica expressions she enjoys the romance scenes more than males hence everyone in the industry likes her as denies nothing. She is always available to all the directors and producers to satisfy them (This is an absolute fact). Know more dark dirty secrets about South star, Nishabdham, Baahubali, Mirchi, Bhaagamathie, Size Zero film’s actress Anushka Shetty.


Here are 10 dark and dirty secrets of actress Anushka Shetty:


Hiding Her Age: Anushka Shetty is 40 years old but claims she is 38 years.

She doesn’t want to get married: Because she wants to do films forever and always hides the truth, keeps saying she had a boyfriend long after which has broken up now, cleverly escapes by saying, Anushka doesn’t want to reveal any details on getting married.


Big Powerful People Behind: Anushka has powerful politicians leaders behind to back up her always and marketing her.

When the 35-year-old actor broke down on the 15-year-old line, kissed forcibly for 5 minutes, the actress became unconscious

Multiple Affairs: Anushka Shetty had rumourly multiple affairs from industry and also out of the industry (Nagarjuna, Gopichand, Jagapathibabu… and more in the list).


Body Exposing Limit: She is very open to expose to any limit.

Unmarried Actress Forever: She remains unmarried for the sake of films and dresses up like a housewife to attract family audiences so that she can be portrayed as a decent woman and her secrets can be covered.


Size Zero: Anushka made size zero movie as she is lazy to work out and maintain proper personality but still claims herself as a yoga teacher. She herself told in an interview that she does not like to work out, she doesn’t like to cook and she said she is very lazy.

VFX Is Used To Hide Her Age: Always VFX is used to show 40 years Anushka Shetty as half of her age and weight.

Failed Affairs: She got ditched by multiple stars like Gopichand, Krish finally tried her luck with Prabhas and failed.

Rashami Desai Shows Off Her Cleavages In Hot Black Bold Outfit

None had Married Anushka Shetty: Till now as everyone is aware of her secret affair with Nagarjuna and her liberal exposing and affairs with big shots like PVP, C Kalyan… etc.


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