Kim Kardashian Good And Bad Things, Dirty Secrets, Exposing Strategy


Do you want to know something wondering and shocking good and bad things about Kim Kardashian? If you don’t know about her then just go her social media or we will gonna tell you who is Kim Kardashian? What are some good things and bad things in her? What the dirty secrets, exposing strategies, marketing tactics she is making for making money and for her stardom?



#1] Kim Kardashian has ingenious marketing mind, clearly knows how to market her beauty, has clearly curvy figured out, how to leverage social media, paparazzi phenomenon and her beauty to make money, as long as there are people to watch her every move, she will always be popular.


#2] Kim has a good business mind as well. She has figured out ways to extrapolate her social media popularity with her beauty and established a nice business empire forming many necessary alliances including her marriage.

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#3] Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is a match made in heaven, Kanye with his music skill set is able to create some nice music, which with Kim’s popularity and marketing savviness they are able to market the songs and make good money if you think about it, not very different from JayZ and Beyonce.



#1] Kim has fulfilled all this at what cost? for some people it doesn’t matter what it takes to be successful, if you really look at the history she started with a sex tape, it is a little bit like Donald Trump’s strategy, she runs on the mantra that no press is bad press, but that is not working well for Trump now, it is back firing in a major way, in his most important phase of life ever.

#2]  If I can quote Michelle Obama or Sheryl Sandberg or Marissa Mayer or Hillary Clinton as great role models for her, follow their lives, learn from their lives, emulate them or get motivated by them and by their accomplishments, but not Kim Kardashian, I can’t quote her as an influence or somebody that a girl should follow or learn from.

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#3] She is setting a bad example, by doing anything that gets her press, especially all the nude pictures, nude modeling gigs, anything and everything provocative.

#4] She is not really adding any value to anybody with her business or products, just because she is beautiful and does stimulating things with her beauty, she is getting eyeballs and companies that are looking for such desperate eyeballs are the ones that are making money for her.


#5] Kanye West is also following the nude marketing style as of Kim, looking at the latest song “Famous” where Kanye is relaxing with multiple naked girls, so the bad impact is spreading.

#6] I have seen so many single moms and several other moms that work so hard with so much self-control, fighting so many difficulties, giving up so many other joys in life to make sure, they fulfil their duties as moms growing their kids as great human beings, they deserve all the respect and kudos much more. Can you really see those qualities in Kim too? I guess… Nope!

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