Bri Morrison, Owner of Buff and Paid, Has Masterfully Scaled Her Business

When it comes to building a business, there are usually two types of people: people who own their own job, and people who own their own business.

Bri Morrison has built a business that is cleverly situated for her to expand in multiple directions without getting lost in the process. Her business Buff and Paid is designed to help coaches scale their own online coaching businesses. The coaches she helps  are usually in the fitness industry, which is what Bri herself started in.

Bri has ingeniously kept things very simple. She proved the concept of building a successful high ticket online personal training business by first doing it herself, and developed a system that she has packaged together to duplicate exactly what she has already done. 

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Now she has a machine that is pumping out new success stories by just following the blueprint of what she’s already done. She’s also hired out a full team of well trained staff to handle managing the system. A lot of entrepreneurs make the fatal mistake of building their entire business around themselves, and pigeonhole themselves into being trapped in it. Bri has made the brand independent of itself and has done an excellent job of allowing its reputation to grow itself by getting good results for their customers.

“I was a brand new fitness coach and had tried to start a fitness business 2 years before. I spent 9 months and $10,000 but got zero clients. As soon as I started with Buff & Paid, I was so blown away by the support. I got my first client and have so many other clients in the pipeline right now. It’s just been incredible and a dream come true.” – A testimonial from one of Buff and Paid’s clients. 

Bri also plans on taking her coaching model and expanding into different industries, such as credit repair. Another subtle stroke of brilliance. She’s able to expand into a completely different industry and capture market share because of how duplicatable the overall concept of her business is.

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Entrepreneurs, take notes. Because this is how it’s done.
Bri can be reached for comment on her instagram at @brimorrison.

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