Business Energy Comparison FAQs

Different business energy suppliers serve the UK market today. So you must find the right business energy supplier to bring the best deals.  

This is where a Business energy comparison tool can help you find the supplier that fits the needs of your business. It can help you lower utility bills if you find one that offers a cheaper rate. 

You will make better decisions using a tool that can help you scan different quotes and plans. In that way, your business can do something about rising energy costs. 

Below is a list of FAQs to help you understand what business energy comparison can do for your business.

What is a business energy comparison?

Business energy comparison is a tool that searches and compares business energy rates. It gathers data from different energy suppliers and compares deals and tariffs.

The goal is to help business clients find the best rates to save on their energy bills. Businesses that find a good deal can then switch to another utility provider. 

Why use business energy comparison?
Business energy comparison helps you find a deal that lowers your energy costs. When you compare business energy suppliers, you can find a contract that will help your business save hundreds of pounds each year. You can then use the savings on other areas of your business. 

A business energy comparison likewise helps you find a service with better features and more cost-effective energy deals. Plus, you get a better idea of the prices that control your energy bill. 

Why compare business energy suppliers?
The main reason you need to compare business energy suppliers is to save money. Pricing for business energy changes on a regular basis. Even minor differences in prices have significant effects on businesses. 

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The prices of wholesale energy have been steadily climbing. Many suppliers increase rates to shield their soaring prices. It is why you need to compare at least the rates offered by the suppliers.

How much money can I save if I use a business energy comparison service?
It will depend on the service you are using. Business energy comparison websites have different guidelines and offer differing rates. 

Some offer up to 45% savings on business energy rates when you use their service to compare and switch. The best way to find out is to get in touch with them and ask for a quote.

How do I perform a business energy comparison?
There are two ways you can perform a business energy comparison. The first is by communicating with an energy comparison website. The second is by conducting an online search.

These are the simple steps to perform a business energy comparison using your preferred energy comparison website. 

1- Search online for business energy comparison websites. Communicate with them via phone, email, or website. 

2- Provide the required details about your business. 

3- Supply information about your current energy supplier and energy costs. 

4- In a few minutes, you will receive an email from the website. It will include a quote that shows various energy suppliers, their energy tariffs, and available deals. 

5- If you want to switch to a supplier with better rates, you can do it using the website. If you continue with your current supplier, you do not need to do anything.

To do a business energy comparison using a website, follow these steps:

1- Choose an energy comparison website. Search online to find websites that offer this service.

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2- Provide all the details of the website needs. These may include your current energy provider, energy bill amount, usage, and postcode. 

3- Review the results of your query. The information may include a series of offers based on your details. 

4- Find the energy deal that suits you.

What should I look for in a business energy supplier?
A business energy supplier should be able to offer a reasonable price and flexibility on your tariff. Inquire about a competitive pricing plan for a fixed-term contract. 

Check their commercial rates, tariffs, and service levels. These should meet your requirements. Make sure to obtain quotes that answer your business needs.

Is it difficult to switch energy suppliers?
To switch suppliers, you only need to provide your energy usage data and postcode. If you use a business energy comparison website to switch to a new supplier, you may not need to wait long. 

You can switch energy suppliers using an online process. This way, you will not experience any interruption in your power supply. 

Other services may take four to six weeks. It will take longer if the information you gave your new supplier is incomplete. 

Who are the major suppliers of business energy?
The major energy suppliers in the UK are British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower Business Solutions, ScottishPower, and SSE. They dominate the energy industry and hold a market share of around 70%.

So, are these business energy suppliers better than smaller companies?

Energy suppliers that have been operating for years are consistent. But smaller and independent energy companies are becoming popular. Many consumers recognise them as the best energy suppliers. 

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Smaller energy providers compete by offering deals cheaper than the ones at big energy companies. The best energy plan will be the one with the most affordable contract that meets your needs.

What are the different types of business energy tariffs?
As a takeaway, here are the different types of energy tariffs used in the UK for your guide.

Fixed-rate tariff
A fixed-rate contract has a fixed energy price, so the cost per unit is consistent. An energy plan with this tariff can last for at least one year. If you cancel this plan before the contract ends, the supplier will charge you a fee.

Variable-rate tariff
This type of tariff is dependent on market activity. The price of energy per unit can go up or down at any time. A variable-rate energy contract is open-ended. Businesses can stop this plan anytime.

28-day contract
It is a less used type of tariff. Businesses that never made a switch to another business energy supplier use this. The prices in this contract fluctuate up and down, depending on the market. 

Deemed-rate tariff
A deemed-rate plan is for a business that uses energy supply without a contract. It is a rolling contract that lasts for 28 days. Deemed rates are higher than fixed rates. 

Rollover contract
It is a contract wherein a supplier signs up a business automatically to a new contract when the old one is about to end. This energy plan has the most expensive business energy rates. 

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