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Don’t be confused with the name. It’s not even near to the one we watched on Cartoon Network as kids……… People love to watch television dramas.

Dexter is an American television drama. It was started on the cable channel Showtime from October 1, 2006, to September 22, 2013.

Series Name Dexter Season 9
Category American crime drama mystery miniseries
Release Date TBA
Confirmed or Canceled Confirmed


Dexter Season 9 drama series follows the life of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) and a Metro Police Department blood pattern analyst. Dexter had faked his suicide in the show and went away from Miami. At the murder investigation, the main protagonist Dexter kills murderers and criminals who ran from the justice system.

Dexter Season 9 | Release Date | Cast | Plot and Many More


The controversy of Season 9 with the earlier Seasons of Dexter

About 8 seasons, a total of 96 episodes of Dexter had been broadcast. This drama series is completely based on characters created by Jeff Lindsay for his “Dexter” series of novels. during the eight seasons, Dexter drama gave us the story of Dexter–a police forensics expert who was struggling to be a good person.

Dexter drama show received multiple nominations for various awards, like

  • four Primetime Emmy Awards
  • two Golden Globe Awards
  • seven Satellite Awards
  • six Saturn Awards
  • one Screen Actors Guild Award
  • one TCA Award
  • PGA Awards
  • WGA Awards
  • Peabody Awards

Dexter was also selected (twice) by the American Film Institute as one of the ten best television programs of the year in 2006 and 2007. As per Wikipedia, Dexter will come back to diminish the criminals.

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Dexter Season 9 Cast

  • Dexter Morgan as Michael C. Hall
  • Rita Bennett as Julie Benz
  • Dabra Morgan as Jennifer Carpenter
  • James Doakes as Erik King
  • Maria LaGuerta as Lauren Velez
  • Angel Batista as David Zayas
  • Harry Morgan as James Remar
  • V ince Masuka as CS Lee These are some characters playing roles in Dexter Season 9.

Dexter Season 9

The Plot of Dexter Season 9

There is no specific detail about what season 9 or Dexter will be about? Considering the ending nature of season 8, there are so many directions in which the revival of Season 9 could go.

the Season 9 drama show could even take some examples from a real-life of Dexter Morgan or could follow Clyde Phillip’s original ending. Phillip’s idea was to catch Dexter and give him death. However, the point where he sees his life appears before his eyes when the killers he took down in previous seasons (LaGuerta, Doakes, and the Trinity Killer) appear in front of him.

This drama series will continue Dexter’s story when he missed hurricane Laura. Dexter started a new life as a Lumberjack in Oregon. However, the report signifies that season 9 will show the primary character living under an imagined name in a faraway world from Miami.


Season 9 of Dexter could easily lead up to the moment when Dexter takes down one more serial killer before having an answer for his crimes. Furthermore, details will emerge in the coming months. Who couldn’t get enough of Dexter Morgan’s crimes? This will come as excellent news.

Dexter Season 9

Top 5 Dialogues of Dexter Season 9

It’s said by Dexter in Season 9 drama

“There Are Many Ways To Stop The Heart. Electric Shock, Bad Diet… Sever The Aorta – My Personal Favorite”.

One more dialogue is said by Dexter to Rita for his love.


“You’re What Makes Me Real. I Want Us To Always Go Out For Banana Splits. And Replant The Lemon Tree That Keeps Dying. And I Never, Ever Want To Miss A Pizza Night. And That’s How I Know I Want To Marry You.”

“Dexter, You’ve Been Working Such Killer Hours Lately.”

“I Can Kill A Man, Dismember His Body, And Be Home In Time For Letterman. But Knowing What To Say When My Girlfriend’s Feeling Insecure…I’m Totally Lost.”

“Tonight’s The Night.”

After reading that much about this television drama series, I hope you all (not all most of you) are excited to watch the trailer of Dexter Season 9.


Dexter Season 9 Trailer

In the Dexter Season 9 drama series, Dexter might show his fake suicide and then leave away from Miami. But currently, the trailer of this drama series is not yet posted. It will be shown to you as soon as possible.

Dexter Season 9

Release Date of Dexter Season 9

The news of Dexter Season 9 used to be announced in October 2020 by Gary Levine and Jana Winograde, President of Entertainment. the ‘Dexter Season 9’ revival is expected to come in late 2021.

He kills all the bad people he finds around him in these seasons. This action made audiences sympathize with a disturbed murderer. However, detective Angel Batista, Dexter’s friend, was still alive by the end of season 8. So there is a chance that David zayas could be back for the new season.

Will There Be a Season 9 of Dexter on Netflix?

Dexter ran for eight seasons on television from 2006 to 2013. All eight seasons of the series are visible on Netflix since the service started. the ninth season will likely to be released on Showtime in the fall of 2021. Netflix is the only platform that offers a full web series.


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Reason Behind the Name Dexter

In Latin, the word “Dexter” means “right handed.” This signifies that the opposite of the right hand, the left, would be sinister. This refers to Dexter’s “Dark Passenger,” the nickname Dexter gives the murderous side of his personality.

Final Words

This Show is one of the best television drama series which is popular all over the world. It is rated by so many fans. in this drama, Dexter finds the bad people and then kills them. In the coming time, it might be clearly visible on Netflix so you all can easily enjoy Dexter Season 9 as per your circumstances.

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