Alicia Silverstone Enters TikTok By Hilariously Recreating Iconic ‘Clueless’ Moment

Actress Alicia Silverstone made her foray into TikTok Friday night by posting an amusing recreation of a quote from her 1995 teen comedy movie Clueless – featuring her 10-year-old son.

For the uninitiated, in the iconic scene, Silverstone, who plays a teenager at a fictionalized Beverly Hills High School, narrates complaints about the state of boys in high school before being touched by one. Immediately, she screams, “Ew. Get off of me. As if!”

In the newer interpretation with her 10-year-old son Bear, the 90’s star sported a blazer similar to the one she was known for in the movie. Silverstone, after initially shrugging her son away, grabs him immediately back. The TikTok video portrays a warmer view of boys than what was shown in Amy Heckerling-directed film.

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In the caption, she wrote, “I guess I’m on TikTok now,” adding a Clueless hashtag.

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