China Lands Zhurong Rover On Mars check Images and Videos!

China has been working behind the scenes to land the Zhurong Rover on the mars and they have done it so which is the latest advancement that they have achieved for their space program, As they have been successful in landing the Zhurong Rover on mars, they have become the third country that has been successful in landing a rover on Mars, before China the countries that were successful in doing this are Russia and United States.

China Lands Zhurong Rover On Mars

China has been successful in landing its rover on Mars and it is a proud achievement for the whole country as this has been done before only by 2 countries before them, It has been stated officials in the Xinhua News Agency that their respective lander has finally touched down on Mars which they stated on Saturday which has been confirmed by the China National Space Administration.

They have also come up with a plan for the rover that they have landed on Mars, they have planned to go on with some diagnostic tests for the rover before their plan that they have decided as they are going to roll down the rover to a ramp as they have planned to explore an icy area on Mars which is referred as Utopia Planitia as they are going to join the rover of United States that reached there in the month of February.

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China Lands Zhurong Rover On Mars Images and Videos

China Lands Zhurong Rover On Mars

The place where Rover is going to be placed is going to be the permanent working station for the rover where already a mission has been accomplished by them in which they carried some rocks from Mars back to the earth, In one of the social media accounts of Xinhua, it has been stated that China has achieved a goal that they have been wanting to achieve, and now they have left their footprints on Mars which is an important step for the  Country’s Space exploration.

Since 1976 the United States has managed to have 7 successful landings on Mars and Russia did it in the year 1971 but that was a failure for the Soviet Union as the machine stopped responding after the landing was successful, Now a tiny helicopter and a rover of the United States landed in February and it is going to be a decade for the rover to be there and finally, in the month of July, it is going to return back to Earth as it is going to collect its first sample in a decade.

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It has been stated by the State Administration of Science that the landing of the rover happened at 7:18 Am according to the Beijing time.

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