10 Hot Steamy Movies and Shows About Teacher-Student, School Taboo Relationships

Steamy Movies and Shows About Teacher-Student, School Hot Taboo Relationships

Looking for a sex ed lesson? School’s almost out for summer, but there are a few steamy films and TV series you should check out before settling into a summer fling. The forbidden teacher/student relationship is a hit trope in entertainment for a reason, right? Whether it’s in a TV show that’s been leading up to an academic hook-up for a whole season or it’s a classic movie like Lolita, we’re here to lead you to the sexiest teacher/student sex scenes in recent history. Know the hottest steamy movies and shows based on Teacher-Student, school taboo relationships.

There are a handful of hot teacher/student relationships in entertainment. If you’re looking to stream one, we’ve got a bunch from Netflix, HBO Max, Tubi, and more for you to check out. Just don’t forget to take notes.

Recently, My Teacher, My Obsession has been a trendy high school hit on Netflix, following a manipulative photography student and her teacher — and his daughter, who tries to put an end to their forbidden passions. There’s also A Teacher, a TV series that recently debuted on Hulu, following a star football player and the hot older teacher that falls for him. Or, sparks fly between student and teacher in other popular teen series like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars. Go rewatch the drama unfurl all over again with your favorite characters and their professors.

Here Are The 10 Movies and Shows About Student-Teacher Taboo School Relationships

1. My Teacher, My Obsession

My Teacher, My Obsession is a steamy Netflix hit. The recent movie follows Riley Sumner, a quiet newbie to a huge high school. Feeling lost and hopeless, she seeks solace in Kyla, another girl her age at the school. Her father, Chris, also becomes an English teacher at the high school. Just as everything starts to feel a little normal, everything is thrown off by one criminally hot hook-up: Riley walks in on Kyla hooking up with Chris. Kyla manipulates Chris into a relationship with her, seducing him into a wild teacher/student relationship that spirals out of control.

Watch My Teacher My Obsession On Netflix

2. Lolita

Stanley Kubrick’s 1962 Lolita is an adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov’s controversial novel of the same name. Teenaged Lolita and her European professor, Humbert Humbert, form an unbreakable connection as the pair spend a sultry summer together in a seaside house. When Lolita is sent off to an all-girls summer camp, she longs for Humbert, even penning him a love letter to retrieve her from camp. When he sets off to fetch her from camp, the two act on a summer’s worth of longing and yearning for each other.

Watch Lolita On HBO Max

3. A Teacher

Nick Robinson and Kate Mara kiss in A Teacher

A Teacher is Hulu’s latest entry into the forbidden student/teacher relationship saga. The series follows the complexities of an illicit affair between Eric, a young teenage football star, and Claire, his older teacher. Claire is new to the school, and growing dissatisfied with her marriage, she forms a sensual connection with Eric. Burdened with their personal lives, they both seek solace within each other and escape the rest of the world together. When their chemistry starts to accelerate, the relationship gets out of control.

Watch A Teacher On Hulu

4. The Piano Teacher

Michael Haneke’s The Piano Teacher blends mentorship, sex, and music for the perfect sensual viewing experience. The film follows Erika Kohut, an aging piano instructor teaching in Vienna. As she grows older, her sexuality transforms into an odd, voyeuristic obsession with a handful of her students — like Walter, who decides to pursue a relationship with her. But she grows more and more obsessed with him, and when she’s unable to suppress her desire, she uses her jealousy to attack his female peers.

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Watch The Piano Teacher on Prime Video, The Critirion Channel, iTunes.

5. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars featured one of the most famous teacher/student relationships in recent history. The pairing between Aria and Ezra was certainly controversial, but still, one of the most popular within the series as a whole. Aria, a teenage student in Pretty Little Liars, met Ezra before knowing he would be her teacher. After a hot make-out session at the bar, the two confront each other at school, now understanding the complexities of their relationship. Instead of putting an end to things, the pair can’t deny their incredible (yet forbidden) chemistry, and continue over the course of the entire series.

Watch Pretty Little Liars on HBO MAX, Hulu, Prime Video, Vudu, Youtube and Google Play.

6. The English Teacher

It’s always the English teacher. Well, it certainly is in The English Teacher, which follows the boring life of a popular teacher reunited with her star pupil. He returns home to visit, now a successful playwright, and the English teacher’s life is turned upside down. He’s about ready to give up on his dreams, but she won’t let him — so, she invites him to co-produce the school play with her. Even though she’s married, she can’t resist the temptations she feels for her young student, who seems to know her so well.

Watch The English Teacher on TUBI

7. Elegy

ELEGY, from left: Ben Kingsley, Penelope Cruz, 2008. ©Samuel Goldwyn Films/Courtesy Everett Collection

Ben Kingsley as a teacher and Penelope Cruz as his young mentee? Count us in. Elegy pairs the two star actors as David, a renowned cultural critic and professor, and Consuela, a gorgeous student who attends his lectures. Sparks fly after a few office hours, and the pair begin a full-on relationship. Though there are years of experience between the two and David is still technically her professor, the pair share thrilling weekends, attend glamorous parties together, and fall head over heels for one another.

Watch Elegy on STARZ

8. Gossip Girl

Spotted: there are two major teacher/student relationships in Gossip Girl, so stay tuned for them both. The first is Dan and his professor, Rachel Carr. The pair hit it off, even though Blair tries to sabotage the new teacher by spreading a rumor that she hooked up with Dan. She hadn’t — yet. Dan and Rachel end up sharing a brief, sultry romance that proves Blair’s gossip right. On top of Rachel and Dan is Serena and Ben, who have an intense connection as student and teacher, but never actually act on their feelings until it’s too late. The two reconnect later down the road, when Serena is in college, and finally satisfy their yearning for one another.

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Watch Gossip Girl on HBO Max.

9. Daydream Nation

Daydream Nation follows Caroline Wexler, a badass teenage girl who’s forced to move to a backwater town that bores her to death. To spice things up, she befriends a local stoner and ignites a wrongful romance with her older professor. They start hooking up, but they keep their relationship as discreet as possible — even when her professor starts to fall off the rails. Caroline starts to fall for her friend instead, sending the teacher into a spiraling pit of rage to win her back.

Watch Daydream Nation on TUBI.

10. Genera+ion

Chester gets food. Sudden rave forms. (Warrick Page/HBO)

The teacher/student relationship in Genera+ion is only over text, but it’s still :fire emoji:. Chester, a free-spirited high school student who’s frequently dress-coded for crop tops and inappropriate nail design, starts to fall for his charming high school guidance counselor. The pair strike up a conversation on a dating application, diving into their sexual and romantic past as they develop real feelings for each other. But the app is anonymous, and the sexting starts to spiral out of control when Chester is forced to admit his real feelings for his counselor.

Watch Genera+Ion on HBO Max.

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