Kamasutra: A Tale of Love, The Most Sexual Film Ever Made in India

Which is the most sexual film ever made in India? Have you seen that movie? In my opinion, the 1996 film Kamasutra: A tale of love is the sexiest film ever made in India. Famous film actress Rekha played the role of sex teacher in this film. Kama Sutra #Rekha

Kamasutra: A Tale of Love

Kama Sutra film's main characters included Indira Varma (Maid Maaya), Naveen Andrews (Raja Raj Singh), and Sarita Chaudhary (Rajkumari Tara). The film was a historical film shot on a fictional story in India in the sixteenth century. The film was filmed and distributed by studios from several countries, including India, British, German and Japan. Meera Nayyar from India was co-producer (Mirabai Films) and co-director of the film.

Kama Sutra: A Tale Of Love

The censor board of India strictly refused to release the film in India because of the over-bold scenes and sexual content in this film, due to which it was never released in India.

What's the storyline?

The story of the film begins with the childhood of two girls, one of whom is Princess Tara and the other is her maid Maya. Though both of them have friendship and affection for each other, Tara is not able to control her tendency to let Maya down with her pride of being a princess.

Maya, who wears clothes or uses accessories, has used all the stars. Both the same girls step on the threshold of youth together and in many things like intelligence, dance, sexual face, and style, etc. Maya appears as a better girl than Tara. Tara is married to Raja Raj Singh and it is during the wedding ceremony that Tara, saddened by her bad behavior, seeks revenge by attracting her future husband to have sex with her.

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While bidding farewell, Maya tells Tara that she has worn off her age but now Tara will live with Tara's husband for the rest of her life.

On the wedding night, Raj Singh forcefully ties up with his wife Tara without understanding the tender feelings. On the other hand, Tara's brother who loved Maya since childhood and who had also seen how Maya had a relationship with her sister Tara's husband to humiliate Tara, convinces Maya and marries her.

He proposes to whom Maya turns down, then he tells everyone about a relationship with Maya's Raja Raj Singh and the people to insult Maya and force him to leave the village. Leaving the village, the wandering Maya meets Jai, a craftsman (sculptor) in the kingdom of Raja Raj Singh. Jai joins her with Rasdevi (Rekha) who is a Kamasutra teacher.

Jai and Maya get caught in each other's attraction. Even after this, there is a lot in the story of the film, in which the personalities of Raj Singh, Jai, Maya, and Tara cause different incidents.

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Apart from the first intercourse of Maya and Raj Singh, the union of Tara and Raj Singh in the honeymoon and teacher Rekha giving girls knowledge of Kamasutra in various symbolic postures, there are mainly very bold scenes showing Maya and Jai intercourse.

It is said that Indra Varma (Maya) actually had sexual intercourse while filming these scenes. There is no doubt that even after more than 20 years to date, no other Bollywood film is even close to it in terms of the extremely sexual content of this film, but the story of this film was excellent in which it portrayed human emotions very beautifully.


I want to say that this story revolved around powerful characters like Jai, Raj Singh, Maya, Tara, and others proved to be superhit only on the basis of sexual content would be completely wrong. If the film was allowed by the Censor Board of India by reducing the sexual content, then it could have proved to be a really good film even on the basis of story and acting.

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