Leyla Everlasting on Netflix, Turkish Movie, What about Release Date, Cast, Plot?

The Streaming service Netflix is on the way to release its new Turkish drama film Leyla Everlasting, Directed by Ezel Akay. Leyla Everlasting revolves around a resilient housewife, her husband, and their marriage therapist who become mired in a toxic love triangle and a plot to obtain an antique manuscript. What is Release Date? Who is in the cast? everything you will get here.

Who is in The Cast of Leyla Everlasting?

The film has starring Haluk Bilginer as Adem in male lead role, Demet Akbag as Leyla is in the female lead role, other cast members including Elçin Sangu as Nergis, Firat Tanis as Mahdum, Alican Yücesoy as Haris, Ihsan Ceylan as Ilyas, Hakan Eke as Hizir, Emre Kivilcim as Faruk-Harun, Zafer Sahin as Saglik görevlisi, Bimen Zartar as Uncle / Mysterious Seller.

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About Leyla Everlasting: What is Storyline/ Plot?

Leyla Everlasting

 The story of one marriage and two love stories that culminate in a toxic relationship and an attempt to obtain an antique manuscript. A resilient housewife and her husband and off course their therapist become strangled in a toxic love triangle. They along with the attempt to attain an ancient manuscript.

The excitement in their marriage is now gone, and Adam falls into a love that causes his heart to beat again. Adem, who falls in love with the woman named Nergis who comes across this period. He cannot think of anyone other than Nergis. However, Nergis, who took the mind of Adam, she has no intention of moving to another life from the one-man world he founded.

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Is there any Trailer Available for Leyla Everlasting?

Oh yes, an official trailer is available on YouTube, But for your convenience we have a trailer here, you can watch it down below:

What is the Release Date for Leyla Everlasting?

The Turkish drama will be release on Friday, December 4, 2020 on Netflix

Where To Watch?

Watch Leyla Everlasting film only on Netflix. Stream this film form December 4, 2020

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