Take Point Movie: Where To Watch Or Download Available? Release Date, Cast, Plot And More To Know About

Take Point (Korean: 더 벙커; The Bunker) is a 2018 South Korean action film directed by Kim Byung-woo.

Take Point (Korean: 더 벙커; The Bunker) is a 2018 South Korean action film directed by Kim Byung-woo. If you a Korean movie lover then we are here with another Korean movie Take Point. The movie starring Ha Jung-woo, Lee Sun-kyun, Jennifer Ehle, and Kevin Durand.

The storyline of the movie is based on the future threat probability of the Korean president. Where a special team named Black Lizard infiltrate a secret underground bunker located Korean DMZ. The team was stuck there to take out a target and covered around many troubles.

Photo: From the Korean movie scene Titled 'Take Point'

Take Point movie is directed and written by Kim Byung-woo and produced by Kang Myung-chan, Kim Young-hoon, and Ha Jung-woo. The movie was released theatrically worldwide on 26 December 2018.

What's The Storyline Of 'Take Point' Movie?

At the beginning of the movie, we see the world has been fearing a third world war situation. Then a CIA agent Mackenzie recruits Ahab, the captain of an elite mercenary company named Black Lizard to infiltrate a secret underground bunker located 30 meters below the Korean DMZ and take out a target.

Later soon they revealed the target is King, the Supreme Leader of North Korea. Ahab attacks the forces surrounding King and takes everyone hostage.

Watch Out The Trailer Of Take Point Here

Ahab finds himself taken hostage by a teammate who offers him a better deal after shooting both Logan and King. However, Ahab manages to acquire a gun and kills him, and then proceeds to the bathroom where he thinks King to be dead.

Ahab is found to be crippled with an artificial right leg. It's being broken limits him from movement, and he orders his men to search for the doctor who came along with King. Using a motion camera, he manages to locate Dr. Yoon Ji-eui. Soon, the bunker is bombed, leaving Ahab and Yoon trapped, Logan dead, and Ahab's army fighting the rivals.

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Watch the movie for the massive gunfight between Ahab, Yoon, rivals, and enjoy the Korean action, thrill, drama on your device.

Who's in the Cast?

Here is the list of Take Point main cast below.

  • Ha Jung-woo as Ahab
  • Lee Sun-kyun as Dr. Yoon Ji-eui
  • Jennifer Ehle as Agent Mackenzie
  • Kevin Durand as Markus
  • Malik Yoba as Gerald
  • Spencer Daniels as Logan
  • Robert Curtis Brown as President McGregor

Another cast of the movie is Jeff Bosley, Jorge-Luis Pallo, Dean Dawson, Markina Brown, Kaden Vu, Ines Laimins, Andreas Fronk, Liviu Covalschi, Paul Meixner, Julián Juaquín, Jack Lyons, Warzecha Wyka, Yaqub Khurram, István Medvigy, Barri Tsavaris, Sun Wook-Hyun, Shin Hyun-bin.

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What Has Something Special In Film?

If you don't know about it then the actor Shin Hyun-bin has a special appearance as Lee Ji-soo in the movie.

How To Watch Korean Take Point Full Movie?

Take Point Korean Full Movie is available to watch on iTunes and Apple TV also where you can take as download or rent or buy this movie online.

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