Trump vs the Illuminati Full Movie Watch Online Or Download Available On Prime Video: Trump's Clones Joins Forces In Future

Trump vs the Illuminati Full Movie Watch Online Or Download Available: Trump vs the Illuminati: The Ultimate Battle, Directed by BC Fourteen, this action-comedy, science-fiction Trump Vs The Illuminati movie has been released to watch on streaming services from October 6, 2020. Know everything you should know about the movie, also the movie releases info, how and where you can watch this movie? Who is in the cast, What's the plot, storyline and much more that you must know about it.


The 1h 10min short movie is about a Chinese clone of 45th U.S. president, Donald J. Trump, who survives the Earth's end by escaping his maximum security lab and stowing-away aboard the last Chinese space-bound shuttle.

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Trump vs the Illuminati Sci-Fi movie now available to watch online on streaming services.

Hundreds of years into the future the human race fights for its survival against Illuminati forces. While following a prediction, Trump's clone joins forces with the surviving human allies to bring the battle straight to the Illuminati headquarters in hell. But when Donald Trump meets Satan himself, he'll be in for the fight of his life.


Marco Guzmán, Timothy Banfield, Carl Reed, James Kane are the starring actors in the cast of this movie.

Trump Vs The Illuminati: The Ultimate Battle


Trump vs the Illuminati was released on 6 October 2020, the full movie can be available to watch on Amazon Prime Video and DirecTV.

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Let you know, you can also download the full movie and save it to your mobile phone for watch offline on Prime Video and DirecTV both. However, you can not share the file with others.

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