Who is Michelle O’Quinn? The driver Hit two people peacefully protesting the police shooting of Andrew Brown Jr.

North Carolina: A woman hits the two women who were peacefully protesting the police shooting of Andrew Brown, the incident happened on Monday night, after which the 41-year old was arrested under the allegation of hitting two women from her car.

Who is Michelle O’Quinn?

The victim’s names Michelle Morris and Valerie Lindsey- they were got multiple injuries, while the hospital said that their injuries are nonserious and non-life-threatening, said the police of the Elizabeth City Department.

Counts on Lisa Michelle O’Quinn:-

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  • The reckon was alleged for two different felony counts.
  • She was alleged that it was an event that was planned, with the killing intentions along with a fatal weapon.
  • One count includes carelessness and Recklessnessn driving.
  • while another one is unsafe movement.
  • Police still investigating whether to put hate-crime charges on Lisa.

The incident is related to the killing of Andrew Brown who has been killed by police on April 21. Hence let us inform you that Pasquotank County district declared the previous week that the officers who were involved in Brown’s killing won’t be prosecuted against it.

When has the incident happened? 

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The incident was so breathtaking and disappointing as the white car hit the two Black women who were protesting peacefully. The white car, driving by Lisa hit the ladies at 6:45 pm. the accident went on at the intersection point of two famous streets, Ehringhasu and Griffin, stated by the police.

What District Attorney Claims?

District Attorney claims that Andrew was hit officers with his h car twice and he didn’t stop there only as he fired at ‘the officers. On the other side, his family is exclaiming how the indecent video is different from what officers are saying, and the law administrators ahs been framed for the shooting.

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Sources stated that “Brown was not a comes with any bad intentions as the shot was fired and we use to get afraid so he took his car in the reverse position, to go away from the cops presented there. He turned the wheel of his car to the left so that he can maintain the space from the officers of law enforcement. While there was no place man around his car neither Andrew makes any sort of contact to the law enforcement officer.”

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