Here’s how to stream live NFL games for free online now

There was a time where T.V. was the only screen to watch anything, from movies to sports. Watching T.V. was a gathering moment for the family. However, things have changed, now all members of a house can have several gadgets & screens without necessarily counting on a television. 

This has made several things easier, nevertheless, even in the twenty-first century, there are contents that aren’t easy to stream online, or they have an additional cost. Finding a link to stream live matches isn’t that difficult, however, it depends on the sport and the type of event you’re willing to stream. 

In the case of NFL games, they’re almost available everywhere from the most basic cable T.V. channel to online platforms. However, we’ve made a list of several platforms you need to know to stream all the NFL live games you want, and all you need to know before using them. 

How to stream internationally? 

Even though the internet has broken several barriers, not all content has the same availability depending on the country you stream it from. In fact, international NFL fans struggle to find a stream that will work out of the U.S. due to geo-restricted areas.

If this is your case, all you have to do is get a VPN to unblock sports streams, some U.S.-based servers have a thirty-day money-back guarantee. Using a VPN is ideal to protect your privacy while getting secure access to free streaming sites for NFL watching. VPNs are legal in the U.S. & U.K. however, check if they’re legal in your country, remember many people use them to pirate copyrighted content. 

Also, please be aware that some of the streams come from unofficial free sites that operate under a gray area, which means rules aren’t clear or defined. So, always make sure streaming free sports is legal in your country and that you’re not doing anything forbidden.

Having said that, come take a look at the best sites to live stream NFL games for free. 


USTVGO is a particularly reliable & user-friendly free site to stream sports & regular T.V. The platform isn’t NFL exclusive and that’s great, in fact, you have ninety-three channels of American T.V. from TBS & TNT to the USA network.

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The good thing about the digital platforms is the way they have an expanded content repertoire that allows more than commercial T.V. USTVGO platform offers streamings of college sports from the NBA to NCAA, SEC football, and more. However, the only con is that you’ll need a VPN to access it. 


Stream2Watch is one of the most recommended websites to watch NFL games for free. However, the site is ideal for watching live sports events in general. Yet, something you need to know is that this platform gathers streams from several other sites and you might find pesky ads when you get into the platform. Yet, this is something almost unavoidable in every NFL streaming site.

Besides live NFL matches, Stream2Watch is an ideal platform to watch baseball, basketball, boxing, hockey, golf, motorsports, rugby, and tennis for free. Also, this website provides all live sports streams content without making an account. You’re one click away to watch your favorite sports for free. 


There are sites that specialize in certain sports transmission, yet they have the availability to stream other content. Cricfree mostly streams cricket, regardless, this platform allows you to watch several sports like football, soccer, rugby, and golf transmissions. However, please have in mind that this platform, like all free streaming sites, have several ad problems. 

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123 TV

It’s unforgivable to talk about free streaming platforms and not mention 123 TV, which is one of the free streaming enthusiast’s favorite sites. This platform live streams ESPN, ESPN 2, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, FOX Sports, and the entire NFL network. 123TV also provides a whole subpage to free live streams. 

Keep in mind that this platform is organized by channel and not by programming, so you don’t have to know which station your NFL game is being broadcasted. Another good thing about this platform is the fact that streams open with the site itself, this means you’re not being bothered by ads and redirects. 

Which is your favorite platform to live stream NFL games for free? 

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