How To Manage Large-Scale Translation Projects within Schedules?

Managing high volumes of translation projects on time is a major challenge for LSPs, global businesses, and localization project managers. Professional translation demands are increasing rapidly, making it more difficult for brands to target multiple marketplaces simultaneously. From translation generation, management, quality assurance, editing, and file storage, everything has to be carried out properly to avoid any errors. Moreover, finishing all your work within provided deadlines is also important to consider.

There should be a way to effectively manage large-scope translation projects on time with good quality. In this article, we will be discussing the technologies and techniques that will be helpful in managing heavy translation workloads more efficiently.  

Tips to Effectively Manage Large-Scope Translation Projects
Traditional translation management methods are insufficient to deal with current-day translation challenges. In addition, the translation workloads are heavier than ever, so you have to improve your methods and approaches toward translation project management.

Work on project management platform
If you still rely on manual methods of managing translations, you will face frequently missed deadlines and quality issues. To cope with the fast-paced translation industry, you must equip yourself with a reliable web-based translation management system. Using this system would automate your translation processes, and you will be able to effectively handle your translation workflow. These tools would also allow you to work on multiple translation projects simultaneously and collaborate with all internal and external translation teams. With a professional localization platform, you can also manage your translation work more cost-effectively.

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Employ AI-powered Translations
There is still debate going around about the credibility of machine translations and whether it is right to generate professional translations. Well, now we have professional MT tools available using advanced algorithms to generate high-quality translations. If you are using such tools, you will not have any major quality issues. However, you may still need to have these translations proofread by experienced human translators. If you are using MT tools for translation, make sure you are getting it from reliable vendors only. Moreover, don’t use any open-source, free tool for professional translations. MT systems can significantly speed up your translation operations and help you manage myriad numbers of translations quickly.

Create Translation Glossaries & Style Guides
If you want to keep your translation workflow agile and seamless, you must provide all the required reference material to translators in advance. It is important to prepare your translators for the translation project ahead. To keep your translations aligned with your unique brand voice, you must create glossaries and terminology for each project. It would help your translators create consistent translations throughout the project instead of randomly using their personal styles and tones in translations.

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Preparing everything in advance and providing them on time to translators would give them some to adapt themselves to the brand’s unique tone. This way, you are less likely to waste time on unnecessary edits and revisions

Use Advanced Editing Tools
The editing process could be very time consuming and may slow down the translation operations. Traditional methods of editing and proofreading are not just more time talking but also not effective enough to significantly improve the quality of your translations. You must have advanced editing tools in place for fast and agile editing. If you are using a professional translation project management platform, it would have an editing tool in-built. Such tools use AI algorithms to provide suggestions to enhance overall readability, making your translations sound more natural. Moreover, these tools also detect all grammar and sentence mistakes from your translators. So you can easily know the problematic areas that need improvement.

Get Some Freelancers on Board
When you target new market/s or manage translation projects of multiple clients, sometimes things get uncontrollable with heavy workloads. It is not a great idea to put all that load on your employees; it would only cause quality issues and gaps in productivity. To handle such a situation, you better go for outsourcing options and get some professional freelance translators on board. You can pay them per task or per hour based on your preferences and get your work done without panicking.

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Suppose you are working on a professional localization platform; they may have a dedicated marketplace of linguists and LSPs to make the outsourcing process more convenient and seamless for project managers. For example, MarsHub is a web-based translation management system that would provide your access to their freelancer marketplace with many other features to make your translation project management simplified and efficient.

If you are worried about handling your large-scale translation project, you better improve your approach toward managing a large number of translations. Tips in this article would make it much easier for you to get away with the challenges of your translation project. You must adopt the right methods and invest in advanced technology to complete everything on time.


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