Locke and Key Season 3: Cast ‘n’ their real age


Locke and Key Season 3 is the much-awaited series after its season 2 was ended with a major cliffhanger in 2021. One amidst Netflix’s most-watched series, that made the spectators go crazy for the series, this series initial season was released on 7th of February 2020, and the second season of the series was aired on 22nd Of October 2021, and in the gap between the season 1 and the season 2, the makers really mad the people who are watching the series go crazy for the second season to come as soon as possible, the waiting was literally like hell. This was the exclusive series and still, it is, now the people are completely having multiple questions in their brains, and when is it all going to happen when season 3 of the series is going to get back.


And the talks that are floating outside confirm that season three would premier anytime in 2022, there is no exact information is given but, it might stream sometime in 2022.


In accordance with here is the real list of the cast people leading the third season of the Locke and Key:

Superstar Singer Season 2 Start Date Time Contestants Judges Auditions Online Registration

As common we would be witnessing the Locke household in Locke and Key Season 3 obviously and as the so-called well – the lady is dead, we might not be watching her role and accompanying her, no more Gabe and no more Lucas we guess, and eventually no more Dodge.

Locke and Key Season 3 netflix cast

Eyeing The Below People:

  • Connor Jessup – the person portrayed as Tyler, he is 27, born on 23rd of June, 1994. His boyfriend is Miles Heizer.
  • Emilia Jones – as our Kinsey, She is 19 as per Wikipedia, born on 23rd Of February 2002. She is not dating anyone.
  • Jackson Robert Scott – portrayed as Bode
  • Darby Stanchfield – portraying as Nina, she was born on 29th of April 1971, she married in 2009 to Joseph Mark Gallegos
  • Aaron Ashmore portraying as Uncle, Duncan, is a Canadian actor born on the 7th of October 1979, was married in the year 2014 to Zoe Kate.
  • Petrice Jones – the person who portrays the role Scot, born on 10th of May 1993, is in a relationship with Sophia Esperanza as per the records of 2021. He will be back in Locke and Key Season 3.
  • Brendan Patrick Hines – portrayed as Josh, was born on the 28th of December 1976, from the records that are recently gathered he is not in a relationship with anybody.
  • Kevin Durand Coming back cast person, as Frederick Gideon, he was born on 14th of January 1974, he is a Canadian actor too, married in the yea 2010 to Sandra Cho, he is a decent of French – Canadian.
  • Halle Jones’ Eden, her age is 23 according to 2020, we might be watching her back, the records say that she is still single and does not have any boyfriend.
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