Love Alarm Season 3: When To Be Streamed?


Are you a fan of the love alarm season one and two and do you want to get information for season 3 of love alarm here is all the information about it?

Love Alarm Season 3 About

Are you curious and you want to know about the South Korean series which is streaming on television it is basically a romantic series it is full of romance and you will love to watch it it is based on the love alarm which is by John ki young.


It is staring ending theme of the series is in my dreams which are given by tearliner, the country of origin is south Korea and original language is Korean number of seasons are 2 and number of episodes are 14 the executive producers are jinyee Kim , Vincent c.hwang and the producer is kijae Kim.

The running time of the series is 42 to 56 minutes and the production companies are production H for season 2 and Studio Dragon the distributor of the series as Netflix and the original network of release was Netflix.

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Love Alarm Season 3 Story

Season 1 and season 2 of the love alarm are loved by the fans and 15 demand for the season 3 AS explained article it is not renewed read but the story as season 2 was released the March of 2021.


This is the soft Charon series which is full of enthusiastic and there are still looking for the renewal of the third season there will be 6 to 8 episodes in the season and the third season would complete the story on the second season.

So, you have to watch the first season 1 and season 2 for this when it let it come to the end of the second season shows that Jojo has chosen Lee hye young all the series were left for the unexpected part and it was stopped at the unexpected twist but season 3 would complete all the leftover part of season 2.

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Love Alarm Season 3 Release Date

The fans are curious to know about the release date and asking a lot about the release date and demanding a lot about it so the wait of the fans is now over. It was released in the year 2019 on 22 august, season 2 was released in the year 2021 on march 12 . season 3 is not renewed yet , there is no official announcement for season 3 .


Love Alarm Season 3 Where to Watch

The famous streaming sites are always provided to you through the article so you all fans can approach them easily and watch your favourite series very easily.

It is available on Netflix, it is also available on Acorn Tv, Amazon prime video, AMC+,Apple tv, ,britbox, discovery +,  Disney +, ESPN.

Love Alarm Season 3 Cast

Kim So Hyun Plays the Role of Kim Jo Jo
Jung Ga Ram Plays the Role of Lee Hye Yeong
Song Kang Plays the Role of Hwang Sun Oh
Go Min Si Plays the Role of Park Gul Mi
Lee Jae Eung Plays the Role of  Cheon Duk Gu
Song Seon Mi Plays the Role of Jeong Mi Mi
Shim Yi Young Plays the Role of Bae Kyung Hee


Love Drama Episodes

The first episode season one of the love drama was released on the 22 August in the year 2019 which is name are the flash of lightning before it thunders all the other episodes were released on the same date following with episode 2 and 3 name as the there’s nothing anyone can do when you like someone and the Miracle of the two people liking Each Other following with episode 4 and 5.

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Which is title as the best feeling in the world is knowing there someone on my side and the gravity of liking someone follow me the episode 6 and 7 titled as your heart is safe now and something I have been holding back and can only say to you the last episode of season 1 is titled as one is bigger than any other number in the world.

Season 2 episode 1 was released on 12th March in 2021 following episode 2 and 3 they were also released on the same date coming with the episode 4 and 5 they were also released on 12th March in the year 2021. The last episode which is named as episode 6 was also released on the same date.

Love Alarm Season 3 Reviews

Views of the fans are important part of the article so here are some of them it is really like and love it is full of mature and healthy relationship with his team in the series it is full of the stereotypes and the spoilers all the fans are satisfied with the final ending and it is such and deserving and more understanding with the patients is the female lead was so good and she was performing well enough before watching this series.


It was having all the negative points but after water get it is the good enough to see it is interesting and it is super thrilled France became a edit a while watching it is even realise together tesco lasted all drama series the actress was amazing and also performing the task very well the lead characters have the connection with the drama although it was fun but some of the fans have also given the negative points.

It is there are saying that there it is not that much Riya last week and it is crying the it is hyper realistic and it is full of Asian drama beings which is seem to be boring at some time received 3.6 stars out of 5 and 4400 ratings and all about 91% like this TV show Raaz also WhatsApp point 9 out of 10 IMDB rating and 7.6 out of 10 mydramalist rating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Season 2 of Love Alarm Is Coming Out ?

It is a drama series which is a romantic thriller and comedy. It is basically a Korean drama series and reality television season 2 of the love alarm is already out and it was released in the year 2021 on March 12.


Will There Be a Love Alarm Season 3 ?

Season 2 was released in the year 2021 till now there is no information for season 3 and we can assume that it will be released in the middle of the Year 2022.

How Old Is Jojo in Love Alarm ?

Jojo, who is named as the so-hyun and Kim so hyun was born in the year 1999 on June 4th and currently she is 21 years old.


The article provide you the information for the love alarm season 3 has also provided you the story for the love alarm the release date is also mentioned in article for you also find the famous streaming sites are always mention in article for you all fans.


We can approach them very easily and watch your favourite drama series if you want to get more information about the love alarm you can say tuned.

You will be updated soon for the further information if you want to comment regarding the season of the article you can mention.

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