Love & Anarchy Season 2, The Swedish show is coming to Netflix


Love & Anarchy Season 2 is releasing on Netflix next Month, Here we have every information about the series. Netflix, in the past few years, has diversified itself globally which has only contributed to increasing its range of itself with the hits like- Money Heist, Squid Game & of course Love & Anarchy.


The Show is coming back with season 2 very soon.


Season 1 was released on Nov 4, 2020, which is about “what is right and wrong, what is normal and abnormal, and what is truly real – and does it even matter?”

Recap from Season 1

Season 1 of the show exposes us to the protagonist Sofie (Ida Engvoll) mother of two living in Stockholm, she is a quirky, fun-loving & ambitious wife & mother with the dream to write a novel named Love & Anarchy, while working in a publishing house- Lund & Lagersteadt.


Her husband makes random jokes about his dreams & seems to be more dominant in the marriage leading the relationship to divorce. While Ida also falls in love with a computer technician Max at her workplace.

About Love & Anarchy Season 2

In Love & Anarchy Season 2, fans are urged to find out what will happen to Ida’s relationship with Max, her children & her workplace while trying to navigate the way of living with herself on her own feet the second installment in the show will explore these aspects of Sofie’s life.

Love & Anarchy Season 2

The official synopsis of the show reads “In Season 2 newly divorced Sofie is trying to create a life for herself and Max. Due to unforeseen events, she instead finds herself in the middle of a life crisis, something that also has huge consequences on her relationship with Max, and nothing turns out the way they had hoped.

Release Date on Netflix

Love & Anarchy Season 2 is going to release on June 16, 2022 on Netflix.


The Cast

Ida Engvoll, known for her performances in Man called Ove & Nobody Owns Me is coming with her role of Sofie in season 2. Gizen Erdogen, Bjorn Mosten & Carla Sehn are also reprising their roles in the Love & Anarchy Season 2.


The eight episodes of the Love & Anarchy Season 2, are directed by Lisa Langseth, and written by Lisa Langseth & Alex Haridi and produced by Fatima Varahos & Frida Asp.

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