Moon Knight Season 2 Are Rumors True?


Moon Knight ends with the 6th episode of the series and now fans are eagerly waiting for the Moon Knight Season 2, so here we are with some details about the next season. The sixth and final episode of Marvel’s new web series Moon Knight was broadcast worldwide on Wednesday, bringing the first season to an end.


While this episode cleverly tied up a lot of loose ends and brought in various arcs, it also laid the foundation for a possible second season. This happened during a fast-paced mid-credit stage that was shown after the end of the episode.


In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, post-credit scenes have become a mainstay, and films and franchise shows use it to mock future projects and link to other films. The Moon Knight is following suit. But first, with a warning: this story contains a Moon Knight season 1 spoiler.

Harrow is committed to a psychological center, as evidenced by a series of intermediate credits. It showed how Harrow was pulled out of a wheelchair outside a building by a stranger, apparently to help him escape. As he approaches the person loading Harrow in the car, he sees Konshu, dressed in a suit.


Khonshu explains that Marc is suffering more than the audience previously believed and that a third person is hiding in that body. He then proves Jake Lockley (also Oscar Isaac), who kills Harrow with one shotgun.

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Disney Hints at Moon Knight Season 2?

Moon Knight Season 2

Marc was diagnosed with a dissociative identity disorder as a result of childhood trauma. Since there were times in the episode when both Mark and Stephen were black, there were indications of a third personality within his body. Jake was in charge at those times, it has now been revealed.

The arrival of the actor, who has long been a fan favorite at Marvel Comics, has caused a stir on the internet. Jake is a taxi driver in comedy, and he is a fan favorite for being more brutal than Marc or Stephen.

Harrow’s death and Jake’s debut, according to many fans, laid the groundwork for a second season where the show could sink deep into Marc’s mind.


The Moon Knight first appeared in India on Disney + Hotstar on March 30, with new episodes broadcast weekly on Wednesday afternoon. On May 4, the end of the season was announced. There are rumors that the second season has started to work, as Marvel has changed the ending title from ‘series finals’ to ‘end of season’.

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