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Are you curious to know about the falsa identidad season 2 so here is all the information about it?

Falsa Identidad Season 2 About

It is an American television drama series it is created by and written by,  it is directed by Conrado Martinez, Diego Munoz, Jorge Rios,  starring Camila Sodi, Luis, Sergio, the opening theme of the series is Mi Destino which is by Fede Castillo and Leha Martinez, the country of origin is united states and the original language is Spanish, several seasons are 2 and number of episodes are 169.


About the production house,  the executive producers are Marcos Santana, David Posada, Ivan Aranda, the producer of the series is Paty Benitez, the production companies are Argo’s communication,  Telemundo global studios and the distributor of the series is Telemundo Internacional the original network of release is Telemundo.

Falsa Identidad Season 2 Story

The research papers have just come out which include the news and news that has been breaking out which includes the story of false identity. Two strangers escape due to their enemies,  Diego leaves his family and his father also dies and his mother remarries.

He involved in the crimes he used to sell fuel as a powerful drug dealer things were getting complicated day by day, at the age of 15 Isabel marries el corona, el corona’s career dies and he became jealous he used to physically abuse her and her children.


Falsa Identidad Season 2 Release Date

Fans are curious to know about the release date they are demanding a lot for the release date and asking a lot for release date season 1 has 91 was first aired in the year 11 September in the year 2018 and it was last aired in the year 2021 on 25 January season 2 was originally first aired on 22 September in the year 2021 and last aired on 25 January in the year 2021.

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Falsa Identidad Season 2 Where to Watch

The famous streaming sites are always provided to you through the article so you all can approach them very easily. It is streaming on Netflix and you can see it for free with ads on peacock and Peacock premium as well as you can view it on football TV and DirecTV.

Falsa Identidad Season 2 Cast

Luis Ernesto Franco Plays the Role of  Diego Hidalgo
Camila Sodi Plays the Role of   Isabel
Sergio Goyri Plays the Role of Gavino Gaona
Samadhi Plays the Role of   Circe Gaona
Eduardo Plays the Role of  Don Mateo
Sonya Smith Plays the Role of  Fernanda
Uriel Del Toro Plays the Role of  Joselito


Falsa Identidad Season 2 Episodes

Season 2 had 78 episodes episode 1 was released in the year 2020 on 22 September which is named as false identity falling with other episodes they were also released in the year 2020 and episode 62 named as n card Ne proper was released in the year 2021 with the new year on 1st January episode 63 64 65 was released on 4th January 5th January and 6th January episode 66 was released on 7th January following with the episode 67 68 69 released in the same year 2021 in January the last episode of season 2 as 78 episodes it was released on 25th January in the year 2021 named as Broche de Oro.

Falsa Identidad Season 2 Reviews

Views of the fans are an important part of the article so here are some of them it is streaming on Netflix all the 5 episodes which allowed by the fans it got all positive reviews for the fans most of the fans Can’t Stop watching it has got violence and actions which keep the fan watching it it is love and the story was good the sequence was good at it was not at all boring.

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It has all the actors with work remarkable it was enjoying while watching the facial expressions of the characters were so good which verb making the series very good and it has sometimes the lines have laughed with an expected this part was also good it Express was performing very good it has superb acting skills you can watch it, again and again, the language was also good and it was getting the trust of the fans the culture was also good.


It was similar to the Tamil culture it was the best television series it can be watched in Spanish and subtitles can be read in English it was amazing and it has all the Seasons were also good it was polishing the Spanish skills and good acting define characters and good plot supports and with the twist and turns was also enjoy but it was especially enjoyed at the subplots with you are interconnected with each other and making it forward by Keep watching it it was too Deep and it has all the humanistic side which can be viewed it got 4.4 stars out of 5 which are considered as good stars and 117 ratings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Falsa Identity Dad on Netflix?

It began a rise on Netflix in the year 2019 where it is available on many of the famous streaming sites also.

How many episodes are at the Intended

The episode on Netflix?

It is available on Netflix Hulu TV and DirecTV as well as it is available free on peacock and Peacock premium the country of origin is the United States and it has 91 episodes in Season 1 and 78 episodes in season 2.


Where can I watch season 2 falsa identidad?

It is currently available on and streaming on Netflix Hulu TV and DirecTV.

Is Falsa Identidad in English?

It is an English drama series whose origin is in the United States and it has two seasons.


The concluding part of the article and at the article provided you with information about the palak’s R and n t dad season 2 it has also provided in the story the release date of the coming season is also mentioned in the article the famous streaming sites are also mentioned in the article for you all fans you can watch your favorite drama series very easily reviews of the fans are also mentioned in the article 3 can have a look on them if you want to get more information about the season ahead you can stay tuned you will be updated soon if you want to mention any of the reviews of the comments regarding the falsa identidad that you can mention.

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