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So you all me be very excited to know each and every detail and the updates and all the recent updates which has been come regarding the series as it is a comedian in fantasy series so kids maybe more and more excited to watch the show and wanted to have all details. Following has been provided everything that you desire for.

Secret Magic Control Agency About

Secret magic control agency is a 2021 movie and it is an English-language Russian Fantasy- animated comedy movie. And the movie has been produced by Wizart animation. The film was released in Russia on 18th March rising 21 and in the United States, the film was released on 25 March 2021.


The running time of the movie is around 104 minutes. The movie has been originated in Russia and the United States and the official languages which has been used in the series is Russian and English. And it had been noticed that the film has been performed very well at the streaming rankings and for the Netflix media platform it has been reaching the top 10 global viewership charts after its release in Delhi soon achieved a lot.

The secret magic control agency has been directed by Alexsey Tsitsilin. It has been written by five writers and movies based on Hansel and Gretel which is by brothers Grimm. The music of the film is by Gabriel.

Secret Magic Control Agency Where to Watch

The secret magic control agency is a fantastic movie and voice cast has been used in the series and it is a comedy movie. It is a 2021 movie so as of now there has been just one part which has been released in the year 2021 on 18th of March.


All the fans would be very happy to know that they can watch the full time show which is of 104 minutes the whole movie on the Netflix media platform.

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Netflix media platform is one of the official site where all the fans can visit and can watch the secret magic control agency for full free and me not to buy anything and completely online and can enjoy the full show.

Secret Magic Control Agency Release Date

Fans always get excited and always wait for knowing the release date of the series as the release date it something we can immediately visit the site and can watch the full time so as the show is always on weight.


It is a fantasy and comedian movie so everybody may be excited to know the release date of the show.

The good news is that now the wait is over and fans may be very happy to know that the series has a release date of the year 2021.

So, the release date of secret magic control agency is 18 March 2021. The movie was released in both Russia and United States in Russia it was released on 18 March 2021 and in United States it was released on 23 March 2021.

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Moreover, there are a lot of fans were asking about the part two of the series also so for them to know that unfortunately there are no plans as of now because team wants you all to rate and love to part one of secret magic control agency.


You all are advised to visit the streaming site and watch the show available read the soul of the show and wait for the part two.

Secret Magic Control Agency Story

So basically it is a fantasy and a comedy movie and there have been a lot of voice cast members who have been using their voice for the show as of course it is an animated movie. and the whole movie has been based on the Hansel and Gretel which was by Tim.

Hansel and Gretel little who both worked for the series which is a secret major control Agency will be assigned a mission for finding out the person who has kidnapped the king. Moreover, eventually they soon find themselves going up against a witch named Ilvira.

The story of secret Magic control agencies by Brothers Grimm.


Frequently Asked Question

Will There Be Any Part Two of the Secret Magic Control Agency?

Actually in reality it’s just a surprise for all of us to get update of any part two because unfortunately there has been no scheduling of any current plans which are there for making of another film at this time. From the article you have known the release date of the film so it’s just impossible for have a part to right now and so soon after the first release.

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What Is the Dog in Secret Magic Control Agency?

You all may be thinking about this and have put a lot of questions so for clearance you must know that Tyler bunch is the voice of dog in the series.

Is Secret Magic Control Agency in English?

There has been two official languages of the series and which is used as the series has been released in Russia and United States both so the languages which has been used in the series is English and Russian.

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Is Hansel and Gretel a Disney Movie?

The Hansel and Gretel is a television special and this has been made in the year 1983 and it was made for the Disney channel. You all may be aware of the great channel of kids that is the Disney channel so for that channel the Hansel and Gretel has been made as a television special and it has been directed by Tim Burton.

Will There Be a Secret Magic Control Agency 2?

The animated movie has been following the secret magic control agency as it has been sending as the best agent Gretel on a Mission for fighting through the witch of the gingerbread house and also for saving the king as the king was been kidnapped.
Coming onto the main question that is the secret magic control agency to for that unfortunately there has been no plans and nothing has been scheduled regarding the part two. As of now there has been nothing about it.

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There were a lot of fans were asking about the loft of questions about the complete details for example release date costing two members and the frequently asked questions were also there of science which they were demanding again and again.


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Everything has been provided above in the article. Fans always prefer a platform on demand for it so that they can watch the series and full show 43 so that streaming site has also been provided above in the article for the convenience of fans were they can watch the show completely free and for full time and also it is easily available.

They just have to visit the site. The release date has also been provided to you with the cast members and the future updates of the series that is the part two has also been provided.

If there would be any update which will be coming to us and will hit up you would be updated as soon as possible so for that stay tuned and stay updated.


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