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(2022) Dangerous Date Web Series Watch Online Full Episodes On DreamFilms

DreamsFilms app dropped Dangerous Date web series on their official app for subscribed users. The web series is set in the backdrop of urban India and showcased the bizarre scenario of online dating as two girls hijacked the place. Dangerous Date web series cast Pooja Poddar and Leena Singh in the lead roles.

Watch Dangerous Date Web Series Online On DreamFilms

DreamsFilms has brought some amazing scripts to the screen with scenes that set the bars high for local OTT platforms. The web series has 3 episodes of 20-25 minutes each.

Dangerous Date web series release date is 23 September 2022. Helmed by Sagar Kumar, the DreamsFilms app is now moving to implied dishabille.

Also, the DreamsFilms app has already released a couple of web series that you can see on their official app. Earlier, DreamsFilms released Paap web series starring Priya Gamre, Tu Chai Mai Koffee, Raaz, Laalach, Thief, Charitraheen, Bhookh, and many others.

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Dangerous Date Web Series Plot

The official synopsis of Dangerous Date reads, “Unofficial remake of Hollywood movie Knock Knock, Leena Singh, and Pooja Poddar hijacked the protagonist after the chance encounter on an internet dating app.”

The story revolves around a bachelor who met a girl (Pooja Poddar) via an online dating app. After visiting his home for a one-night stand, the girl hijacked her home with the help of her female friend (Leena Singh).

DreamsFilms managed to make the web series visually stunning. Pooja Poddar and Leena Singh have shown their acting prowess as well in the web series. For the entirety of the web series, there are multiple scenes between co-actors. The three-way romance is certainly the highlight of the show.   

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Pooja Poddar and Leena Singh made the show binge-worthy with their amazing screen presence. Also, the web series is released in three separate episodes. As expected, we get to see more from Pooja Poddar and Leena Singh in Dangerous Date.

Dangerous Date Web Series Cast

  • Sohail Shaikh
  • Pooja Poddar
  • Leena Singh

Dangerous Date Web Series Reviews, Why To Watch

DreamsFilms app has made some drastic changes in its content strategy. They are coming with web series that are visually stunning such as Paap which has a physical abuse scene. Leena Singh and Pooja Poddar chemistry are beautiful to watch in Dangerous Date web series.

Earlier, Pooja Poddar and Leena Singh were seen in many DreamsFilms web series. Some of the most popular DreamsFilmss web series include Paapi Gudiya, Bhookh, Tu Chai Mai Koffee, Thief, Laalach, Haraamkhor, etc.

Just like the previous DreamsFilms web series, Dangerous Date web-series is also limited to just 3 actors, and the story revolves around a house only. It would be good if DreamsFilms come up with strong content with such exciting scenes.

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Looking forward to watching Pooja Poddar and Leena Singh having striptease. Also, there’s a scene when Sohail Shaikh unbuttons Pooja Poddar’s shorts while Leena Singh locking lips with her.

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