(2022) I Am a Killer Season 3 Watch Online Full Episodes On Netflix

Directed by Gareth Morrow, a crime documentary, I Am A Killer series is arrived with season 3 new episodes, aired to watch online only on Netflix from 30 August 2022. Here’s everything we know so far about it.

I Am A Killer season 3 has arrived on Netflix this August 2022 end. The series synopsis follows while serving hard time for murder, inmates recount their crimes and reflect on how their actions destroyed lives — including their own.

Both seasons 1 and 2 had 10 episodes but season 3 came with 6 episodes to stream.

The series stars Lindsay Haugen, Mark Arthur, Brandon Hutchinson, Leo Little, Linda Lee Couch, Joseph Murphy, Cavona Flenoy, David Barnett, Toby Williams, Charles Armentrout, James Robertson, Justin Dickens, Deandra Buchanan, David Lee Lewis, Charles Thompson, Kenneth Foster Jr., Wayne Doty, Robert Shafer, Joshua Nelson, Nico LaHood, and Miguel Ángel Martínez.

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If you haven’t watched the trailer video yet then here is it:

You can able to watch I Am A Killer season 3 all episodes only on Netflix streaming platform with a subscription plan. You can not watch it for free. However, Netflix subscribed user can stream episodes without paying extra cost, is free for them.

You can also download I Am A Killer 3 episodes on your Netflix streaming devices to watch offline. The streamer allows downloading series episodes.

If you haven’t watched season 1 and 2 of this series, then you can also watch previous seasons on Netflix.

See what’s new on Netflix by clicking here.

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