The Defeated Season 1 Watch Online On Netflix: Taylor Kitsch, Nina Hoss, Logan Marshall-Green Series Also Available To Download


Starring Taylor Kitsch, Nina Hoss, Logan Marshall-Green's crime thriller series The Defeated season 1 all episodes are now available to watch online and download on streaming service Netflix from August 18, 2021. Here is all information regarding how can you watch Season 1 of The Defeated series episodes online and download them on your device. has rested all the info about it before watching this series.

About The Defeated Series

Taylor Kitsch (Friday Night Lights), Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Tuppence Middleton (Sense8) star in this drama series. Nina Hoss, Logan Marshall-Green, Mala Emde, Maximilian Ehrenreich, Sebastian Koch, Anne Ratte-Polle, Lena Dörrie, and Benjamin Sadler also added in the cast of The Defeated series.

The series story follows in 1946 Berlin, an American cop searches for his missing brother while helping a novice German policewoman fight the violent crimes engulfing the city.

The Defeated Season 1 Episodes

Season one consists of eight episodes. Here are the episodes complete details below:

The Defeated Season 1 On Netflix

Episode 1: First Trick

Arriving in Berlin, Max quickly gets a taste of the violence plaguing the city. Elsie sets the precinct's sights on a sinister and elusive crime boss.

Episode 2: Brother of Edmund

Max and Elsie investigate the murder of two American GIs. Karin falls deeper into the Angel Maker's orbit. The Russians make a brutal move.

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Episode 3: Rainbows

Moritz's barbaric vigilante spree continues as Max learns more about the trauma he endured in the war. Elsie's suspicion closes in on Karin.

Episode 4: Nakam

Izosimov exploits Elsie's vulnerabilities to coerce her cooperation. Gad helps Max pull on the tentative threads of a conspiracy.

Episode 5: Bellyful

Finding herself cornered, Karin makes a desperate move to escape. Tom puts Max on the trail of a suspected traitor. Moritz torments another captive.

Episode 6: Blessed

Elsie and Max make a breakthrough in the case, but Karin helps the Angel Maker stay a step ahead. Elsie takes a risky step to protect Leopold.

Episode 7: Mutti

ax learns the truth about the secret flights and gives Moritz an ultimatum. Karin and the Angel Maker devise a deadly assault against the precinct.

Episode 8: Homecoming

Max and Elsie uncover the Angel Maker's whereabouts, but the crook has a final trick up his sleeve. Moritz targets Tom, provoking a showdown with Max.

How To Watch The Defeated Season 1 Online?

Watch Season one of The Defeated series is available online on Netflix from August 18 with a subscription plan. You can not able to watch it for free. If you are already one Netflix user, then you don't need to pay more extra cost to stream the episodes.

The Defeated Season 1 Episodes Available To Download

If you are one Netflix subscribed user then you can download The Defeated series episodes on your streaming device to watch offline anytime anywhere you want.

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