Top 6 Best Pallavi Debnath Web Series Watch Online Here


Pallavi Debnath is slowly and steadily making her way into the Indian local OTT industry. She was recently featured in some of the best and most memorable web series for various OTT platforms. Here, look at some of the most popular Pallavi Debnath web series to watch online.


1. Crackdown 2 – Voot Select

Pallavi Debnath was featured in the Voot Select web series Crackdown. She plays a significant character in the web series. Later, she got many offers for other web series projects.


2. Jaghanya Upaay – Ullu Web Series

Pallavi Debnath featured alongside Eshika Dey in the Jaghanya Upaay web series. The web series centered around the Eshika Dey character. However, Pallavi Debnath shines in her moment and became one of the most sought Ullu app actresses.

3. Manglik – Rabbit Movies

One of Pallavi’s early roles came in the Rabbit Movies’ original web series Manglik. The web series is set on the backdrop of rural myth. It can be said that fans loved Pallavi Debnath in the web series. Later, she started getting offers from various other local OTT platforms.


4. AC Ki Taisi – Primeshots App

Pallavi Debnath collaborated with Primeshots App to bring quirky comedy AC Ki Taisi. The series shows a wife who cheats on her husband and escapes easily. Fans love Pallavi Debnath for her charming screen presence and the energy she brings to the characters she plays.

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5. Latke Pe Jhatka – Woow Originals

Pallavi Debnath can be seen in poorly shot Woow Originals web series Latke Pe Jhatka episode 1. There is nothing that can save the web series, not even the charming presence of the actress. However, if the actress interests you in any way, Latke Pe Jhatka can be an interesting watch.

6. Thappa – Primeshots App

Pallavi Debnath worked with Primeshots for the engaging drama titled Thappa. The web series has layered characters, important messages, and stunning performances by the ensemble cast. You can watch the online Thappa web series on the Primeshots app.

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