Top Eight Underrated Anime Movies, Shows To Watch In 2021

Anime Movies, Series To Watch In 2021: Well, anime shows have become a very important part of the entertainment industry right now, and no one can deny this fact. For the first time, the anime originated from Japan in the form of short animated videos. Later, the world adapted to these in the form of cartoons. Although, anime from Japan have their own taste, animation as well as styling and concept that can not be tasted anywhere else in the world. There are many themes, till this point in time, that have been explored by anime shows as well as films.

Anime is a collective term that refers to almost all animated works despite the style or the origin. We are all emerging into the 21st century with the newest form of technology. In order to be compatible with those, the anime shows have evolved as well. Thus, there has been a powerful increase in its production as well as direction.

At this point in time, there are a variety of anime shows that are being loved by the audience all over the world. These have majorly been created from the plot material provided by their corresponding manga tales. Anime is a vast concept which comprises graphic art as well as characterization and cinematography along with various other forms of imaginative techniques of individuals that they can present in the format. There are some of the largest valued anime masterpieces in society right now, such as Naruto and its sequel Boruto.

Then we have classics such as Death Note and Akira as well as Pokémon and Dragon Ball Z. Even various streaming platforms have been trying to achieve success in this genre by adding a lot of anime content on their sites. We have seen Netflix acquire the legal rights to Attack on Titan, which happens to be one of the most loved anime in the world right now. There are other platforms solely dedicated to air anime-only such as Crunchyroll as well as Funimation. Now, the fact is, we are all diverged towards the popular anime shows that rarely anyone looks at the underrated anime. Thus, today’s we have decided to cover some of the fire anime you might have not heard before.

Hell Girl

Each episode of this anime has its own story. We see a new person each time who acts as the protagonist for us. Here, they are generally seen suffering and being tormented by their partners. They are troubled to the point where they are forced to access the Hell Correspondence website and submit a request to get rid of the person. We see that every time a request is submitted against a fellow person, Hell Girl named Ai Enma appears and presents a doll with a red string on its neck. This string is able to send the antagonist directly to Hell.

Now, Ai brings along all her companions and then torments the antagonist in return. They are pretty much given so much pain in emotional as well as physical ways that it gets out of their hands to even control. Later, we see that Ai offers these people the last chance to repent all the troubles that they have caused to people. We have generally seen people refusing this offer. Although, during some cases later in the show, there were some fellow beings who accepted the proposal. Now, after they refuse to repent so, the ferries from Ai’s world arrive and take them to Hell.

Well, we all know nothing comes in easy in this world. Even the person who files the request against their fellow human beings has to pay the price before registering to the Hell Girl Website. Each person, good or bad in personality, will also have to go to Hell after they die if they want anyone around them to go to Hell too and get tormented. Well, you guys should know that there is a lot of drama-packed in each episode, and it unfolds slowly as you go through each episode and grasp the story. There are people who still have not watched this fire anime before, and I guess it is time that they do so.

Fire Anime That You Might Not Have Heard BeforeHell Girl

Bokurano: Ours

The themes covered in this fire anime are mecha as well as psychology and horror, which are topped off excellently by the creators with thrillers. Now, there are a lot of similarities between Hell Girl as well as Bokurano: Ours. Each episode goes on to portray a different character. In the initial stages of an episode, we see that it starts with all the necessary background information on the characters in order to introduce us to the story, which will be shown shortly. Slowly, the plot also makes us aware of all their underlying motives, and slowly, we see the story getting build around it all. All the episodes of this series are titled on their main protagonist, and each one is a pilot of course.

Every time, there is a new story, a new drama, and new suspense. As for the plot, we see the setting at a summer camp. There are 15 children in focus who find a grotto by the sea. After a few days, they also come across some of the working technical devices such as computers and some of the electronic equipment. After being pretty keen on all the stuff they have found out, they even spot the owner of all these items. These guys called himself Kokopelli. He claims to be a programmer who is trying to build a brand new game for the world to see and enjoy.

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As for the story of this game, a large robot will be handed the responsibility of saving the Earth. He has to protect the people from almost fifteen alien invasions which will happen on the planet. Now, he is clearly the antagonist in this story, but the children are not aware of it yet. He lures all the kids into signing a contract with him and asks them to enter the game. 14 children out of 15 agree to play this game, but one is not because her brother is restricting her to do so. Well, in order to find out what happens next in the story, all you have to do is watch it. It is one of the fire anime shows which you probably have not heard about before but will fall in love with after watching.


This is an anime film that deals with the concepts of science as well as fiction. When the anime starts, we see that a variety of large amorphous creatures are trying to appear in a town which is named after Sapporo, located in Hokkaido. The main protagonist of this film happens to be Tetsu. He is studying in high school and is in possession of one such shape-shifting creature whose name is Cenco. Tetsu and Cenco are able to understand each other’s feelings and have a connection through telepathy. All this while, we see that Tetsu does not want to tell anyone in the world about this secret he keeps.

Despite his wishes, a curious girl studying along with him at school named Yuki stumbles across Cenco. It happens when the creature is chilling in the form of a bicycle. Yuki had no initial intentions to know about this creature. Although, she happens to poke Cenco in the eye, which causes him to transform into his natural big form. Now, given the fact that Yuki is a very curious girl, she gets more interested in the powers of Cenco than Tetsu, his owner himself. Thus, she goes on to accompany him to town.

Later, we also see the admission of some new characters, such as Shu. He is the antagonist of the story. Shu happens to be the owner of two such shape-shifting creatures and wants to be in charge of Cenco too. Thus, he urges Tetsu to give him Cenco. Now, there is a furious fight scene here where Tetsu and Shu are fighting to be in charge. Well, Cencoroll is a fire anime to watch and comes along with a lot of creatures that you might not have seen before. If you want to relax and watch something but do not want it to be a long anime show, then this movie will prove to be your best friend.

Magical Shopping Complex: Abenobashi

This anime deals with a variety of genres blended together as one, such as comedy as well as isekai and parody. The shoe has been created by Gainax. Now, we see the initial focus being laid on Arumi as well as Sasshi, who are the residents of the Abenobashi commercial district located in the Abeno-Ku Osaka. Their lives are portrayed pretty great as the two are leading a very privileged time in a happy world. Although, everything changes for them one day when they indulge in an accident. It is the moment where the two get transported to an alternate universe.

Here, the main theme is sorcery as we as swords. Now, the duo is seen trying very hard to return back to their world once again but failing to do. While attempting the universe jump, they land into various other bizarre worlds with their own respective themes such as war as well as fantasy as dating sim games as well as American films. As it so happens, each of the alternate worlds or Abenobashi happens to be a surreal manifestation of the Otaku interests inhibited in Sasshi. They are all topped off with some of the other side themes, such as a blue-haired stranger known as Eutus as well as other acquaintances.

The two now make up their mind to do anything and return back to their homeworlds at once. It is because these fake worlds of Abenobashi happen to be hobby locations that will further lure the characters inside themselves. This is why everything will be pretty hard for them to get out of. The fact that her partner was fearing the most happens. We see that Sasshi refuses to go back home and is loving herself inside the place of her own thoughts and likes. There is a lot of plot twists as well as bizarre plotlines in the film that we all need to be a part of. Magical Shopping Complex: Abenobashi happens to be one of the best fire anime that you guys need to watch.

Fire Anime That You Might Not Have Heard BeforeMagical Shopping Complex: Abenobashi

Kids on the Slope

This anime show is very different from the majority of the shows that you will watch on this list. We have a match of perfectly balanced genres such as coming of age as well as drama and romance. It is one of those slice-of-life anime shows that will be responsible for making you happy after you watch all its episodes. The pot mainly focuses on the character named Kaoru Nishimi. He happens to be a student in the first year of high school.

Kaoru belongs to a very wealthy family, but he has to move frequently to various different cities at unexpected moments. This is a result of his father’s career. It is because of the shifting through different cities and places constantly that he was unable to make long-lasting contacts or friendships with anyone. We see the story starting with the summer of 1966 where Kaoru relocated yet another time from Yokosuka located in Kanagawa to Sasebo in Nagasaki.

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This time, his father wants his son to live with their extended family and be a part of the Japanese cultural heritage. Here, he gets admitted to one of the public schools and comes across Sentaro Kawabuchi. He is a new delinquent kid who is most feared by his classmates. Later, we get to see that Sentaro is an enthusiast of jazz music. This interest is picked up by Kaoru, who starts to study this genre.

Thus, the two start their friendship, and all of it is made possible through their common background in jazz music. The two meet regularly at a local record shop to sit through the jazz sessions. This shop is owned by the family of Ritsuko Mukae, who is a classmate. This series throws the entire spotlight on three friends, that is Kaoru as well as Sentaro and Ritsuko, over their three years of high school. We get to be a part of the relationship which builds between the trio.

Fire Anime That You Might Not Have Heard BeforeKids on the Slope

Psychiatrist Irabu Series

As the name of this anime already suggests, it is one of the best psychological fire anime shows that you can ever watch. The main focus of the show is laid on Ichiro Irabu. He happens to be the psychiatrist of the Irabu General Hospital. We see that the guy is fat and has pale skin. In the initial stages of this anime itself, we get subjected to its bizarre format. We witness the fetish in which Ichiro has to administrate injections into the patients at the hospital. Now, we see Kuchu Buranko, who happens to be an immature as well as an unreasonable character in this story. He is generally witnessed ignoring the plights of Yamashita.

Now, during the time he used to be a student, Kuchu was not quite aware of what was happening in his lectures and did not like to take a part in them. After graduation, he changed his subject to pediatrics during his student days instead of being a part of the School of Medicine. Later, issues emerged, and he again changed his subject bit this time to psychology. Well, you guys should keep in mind that this is one of the most fire anime on this list that you can ever watch, thus I recommend you checking it all out.

Fire Anime That You Might Not Have Heard BeforePsychiatrist Irabu Series

Ginga Sengoku Gun Yuuden Rai

This fire anime beautifully covers the concepts of science as well as fiction snd space opers too. I bet you have not come across such a unique yet beautiful combination ever before. Well, as for the story of this anime, we see the setting in the Sacred Galaxy Empire. Later, we see the most awaited action genre topping off the content as well. This is when a battle breaks out into the various residents of the Milky Way Galaxies. All the Warlords want to establish their own supremacy among all the people. The main protagonist of the series happens to be Rai Ryuga.

Among the chaos that this world has to be a part of, we see that Rai is a young and courageous warrior. Despite the fact that Rai happens to have a very tough exterior, and everyone thinks of him as a fearless character, from the inside, he is a soft soul who is gentle as well as loyal. On the other hand, we see that there are two powerful forces who are trying to conspire and reign over his entire Empire. Now, we see that rai sets on a journey to stop all these battles from taking place and establish one main ruler of the Milky Way Galaxy who will maintain peace among every world.

Fire Anime That You Might Not Have Heard BeforeGinga Sengoku Gun Yuuden Rai

Death Parade

This anime happens to be one of the most underrated tales that you guys need to watch. Trust me, this fire anime poses a very unique concept to the audience and has 12 episodes which you will be able to finish in just one day of binge-watching. The main genre of Death Parade is psychology. At the start of the anime, we come to witness the people as they die. These characters are sent to one of the mysterious bars run by bartenders who serve as arbiters. These creatures all live in a tower in the afterlife. While being at this place, these souls are required to play certain games, which brings out the worse in their nature. These are all Death Games. The arbiter is the one deciding the winner as well as the loser.

Now, he is also the one person who will judge if the souls will be sent to the void or reincarnated once again into the world. Each series witness a new character who arrives at the Quindecim bar. Here, the bartender is Decim, who is quite lonely and patient in his mannerisms. Well, there even are deeper psychological mysteries as well in this show which might make you question your own existence. Thus, I suggest you watch this show, but short series once in your life regardless of it being a fire anime or not.

Fire Anime That You Might Not Have Heard BeforeDeath Parade

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