Sex & Murder Season 3: Release Date


Sex & Murder Season 3 HLN Original when lust leads to murder Series is all ready to premiere its season 3 on Sunday, April 24 at 10 pm ET/PT.

Additionally, going through endless interviews, and talking with investigators, reporters, and family members. Also, features never-before-seen interrogation footage and evidence video just for the audience.


“Sex & Murder” links together with criminal investigations. Where detectives will unravel and uncover dirty secrets, scandalous sex affairs, online sex addictions, and jealousy. Bring to you some stunning twisted fantasies or just excuses for murder motives.

This will be a Six-Part Documentary series. Discussion in the kick-off criminal journey. Bring to us the two-hour “Wisconsin Suitcase Murderer” a look at BDSM.

“Wisconsin Suitcase Murderer” Twist And Turn


Now, the investigations will uncover in season 3 of “Sex & Murder” the double lives, horrifying greed, twisted grooming, and deadly rampages of individuals. Who is often motivated to do this by s*x in the HLN Original Series Sex & Murder season 3?

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This time the series will premiere as a two-hour-long show. Revolving around the former police officer, Steven Zelich, infamous as the  “Wisconsin Suitcase Murderer” due to his lethal BDSM sessions.

Sex & Murder Season 3 Episode Guide For You

Sex & Murder Season 3

The unit was ultimately developed for HLN to showcase the true-crime docuseries.

Mr. Handcuffs Release Date April 24th

This leads the investigators to a former police officer, Steven Zelich. He shocking everyone with his double life and stunning confession.


Family Love Triangle Release Date: May 1st

A mother of three (41-year-old) is brutally stabbed nearly 200 times. The incident takes in front of her two youngest children. Investigators reveal the motive behind the deadly rampage, which is sick and twisted. Her daughter speaks for the time being the key witness of the attack.

The Two Mattews Release Date May 8th

Newlywed Lauren Phelps fought for her life, as was stabbed 123 times. Will the killer be able to blame cold medicine for his deadly rampage?

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Cleanup Gone Wrong Release Date May 15th


Gretchen Anthony (51- year old mother) is gone missing from her Florida home. The twisted tale of her last hour gets revealed by the stunning surveillance video in and around the house.

Deadly Breakfast Date Release Date May 22nd

Watch how a romantic and scenic early morning boat ride turns deadly. The incident happens when Larry Isenberg falls overboard. But investigators find a motive for murder. Considering the disappearance of half a million dollars.

Murder on the Farm Release Date May 22nd

Alex Woodworth (24-year-old), is brutally stabbed 16 times. In addition, he is left to die as he hangs halfway out of the killer’s car. But as investigators find out that the killer’s many lovers may be the reason. Peel back the layers to reveal the real motive for the murder.


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