Ban Drishti IAS Trending On Twitter: Controversial remarks made by a teacher who teaches coaching, compared Sri Ram-Sita to ghee licked by a dog

#BanDrishtiIAS: UPSC Coaching Center Drishti IAS has come into the limelight due to a video. A video of Vikas Divyakeerti‘s alleged absurd comment on Lord Ram and Sita is going viral on social media, after which “#BanDrishtiIAS” is trending on Twitter since Friday morning.

Twitter users expressed their displeasure and demanded a ban on the prestigious coaching institute. Many BJP leaders are also included in these.

In the video, Vikas Divyakirti, founder of UPSC Coaching Drishti, can be heard making controversial remarks on Lord Ram and Sita. After listening to his remarks, some students can also be heard laughing.

In the video, he can be heard saying that Lord Ram had told Mother Sita that, ‘I have not fought a war for you’. I have fought the war for the honor of my clan. As for you, just as ghee is not edible after being licked by a dog, similarly you are not worthy of me.

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But people are criticizing this video and saying that it is a half-truth. Don’t judge by only cover.

One tweeted, “Before watching the whole video, but you just have to troll and you are talking about banning the institution which gave thousands of IAS IPS to the country, you should be ashamed #ISupportDrishtiIAS #saynobandrishtiias.”

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