Best 10 Tips On Using Social Media For Recruiting

Best Tips On Using Social Media For Recruiting

Social media recruiting has been the new phenomenon in the block. With more and more people on the social media channels, the recruiting agencies, headhunters all are heading to the digital space for smart recruitment.

Here are top recruiting agencies in Dubai, who focus on using social media in an effective way for branding their agency and for their recruitment needs. This is definitely a new arena, but highly successful as millennials and most of the target pool is on these sites.

Social Media Recruiting

It is a complementary step in the recruitment industry to analyze, discover and attract new talents through social media channels. This is certainly not done solely, it is usually used along with other recruitment channels to supplement the goal and to achieve the set objectives. Some of the advantages of the process include:

1. A wider reach into the candidates who are not active in job portals.

2. It is economical when compared to the traditional recruiting process and needs and hence is more suited for start-ups.

3. There is a chance of getting more referrals than usual.

4. There is also an establishment of a connection with the customers on a personal level.

5. More and more target pools can be achieved so there is a huge database to select the best fit for the client.

So here we are going to discuss the different tips you can use for the social media recruiting needs of your company.

Best Tips On Using Social Media For Recruiting

1. Your company’s digital outlook

The recruits or candidates are more focused on which company they are working for. They are always on the lookout for a company that is idealistic and have similar values and motto as them. So it is immensely important for your company o to have an online presence since that would be the first platform that they would be checking.

They are really keen on understanding the way you work, your companies previous experience and then will make a decision about their future. Understand your company’s morals, uphold that really well in the digital space.

A day-to-day log of the activities will give the candidate an idea of what their working environment will look like and what to expect out of it. So make sure that you have a strong, quirky digital outlook while investing in the social media recruiting channel.

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2. Ample support of the employees

Your company can always take the help of your employees in enriching your reach. The social media channel reached heights when they are multiple shares, quality content, likes, and mainly great engagement.

Using your employees to enrich this the best cost-effective option. They as employees can come up with testimonials of working with your company, referrals, their experience and can share it across which will make your page get more engagement which is indeed great for the social media recruiting process.

3. Create a unique voice for yourself

The company even if it has the best opportunities, ideas, and people will be of no good if you do not understand the presentation of it on social media channels. Social media recognizes unique and creative content which will boost your company page and hence will be beneficial in the recruiting process.

So make sure you have an aesthetic added to your page. There should be a color pattern, a visual way of telling stories, and your own unique voice which can help you stand out from all other companies in the same digital space.

4. Find your niche community

In the present times, there is a community for any cause you look for people understand the importance of finding like-minded people and helping each other to get better at their work. You can join such niche communities which can help you find the perfect fits and candidates for your agency and client.

5. Use multiple platforms

One of the big mistakes that companies who are new to the digital space do are using just one or two traditional platforms for their social media recruiting needs. This needs to change, you need to understand that when you think out of your box, you get more opportunities because there are way fewer competitors in channels that are not traditionally used for the said process.

6. Using hashtags

Hashtags are the ones that take and make a post very trending within a short period. So your company needs to use this symbol in creating viral content that can get your page featured and can attract more and more people. This is very important in this process of social media recruiting as the more famous and known the page is, the more it will reap benefits through the recruiting process.

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7. Smart use of recruiting software

This can surely make the entire process much more comfortable and at ease. This is the reason why companies go for recruiting software and half the work is done by it and then you can see the results promptly. The top recruiting agencies in Dubai, use these techniques so that the overall experience of social media recruitment is smooth and streamlined.

8. Smart use of live streams

The live streams are so known for better rapport with potential candidates. This is an economical solution in which you can talk to your candidates, get to know them, get them to know your company, can answer any questions they have.

There is an impression about the company that is made in their minds as soon as this is achieved and henceforth, you could make use of live stream videos to your advantage.

9. Optimize your social media pages

When this is done correctly, you will get the results you have been waiting for. The optimization will include adding new filters, more information, image resolution of these pages so that your potential candidates can find the company and its motives clearly ad will hence opt for you and your service.

10. Unique account

Having a separate account for your company’s recruiting needs can surely help avoid confusion and chaos. It will also add to a smooth and streamlined channel for the recruitment process. Os make sure that you have an account solely attributed t the social media recruiting process.

These are some tips on using social media for your recruitment needs. It sure is a newfound way, but very effective when used right. Social media sure is a great option to brand your company and get your word about the company to reach a larger audience. The power of social media when unleashed, can a game-changer in the recruitment industry.

( This article is not written by us. This is a guest post article from Sunny Chawla.)

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