Dj Levels And Shashl Bedroom $extape Leaked Online On Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Instagram

Hello Moviespie readers, see you again with our next-level research as we always provides the latest viral social media news. There is a viral story on DJ Levels and Shashl leaked Videotape and we will explain all the details about the explicit leaks of DJ Levels and Shashl.

Do you know DJ Levels? Have you heard about the latest video leak of DJ Levels? Some explicit clips of DJ Levels have been leaked recently. People from Zimbabwe and South Africa are searching for the leaks of DJ Levels. This post will explain all the vital details related to DJ Levels Video Leaked so interested readers can stay tuned.

What Is The Matter Of Dj Levels And Shashl Videotape?

Recently, a video of the famous DJ Levels has leaked on social media platforms. The clips were explicit and contained intimate scenes of DJ Levels and his girlfriend Shashl. Many debates are going on connected to this matter.

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Lately, Shashl revealed that DJ Levels leaked her explicit clips because he wanted revenge on her for leaving him. Shashl said that she would break up with DJ Levels because of his bad behavior. 

She also said that this was not the first time; earlier, when Shashl tried to break up with DJ Levels, he leaked a picture of them kissing on his Instagram. Besides this, DJ Levels also recently apologized to the public for his explicit images. DJ Levels said that someone leaked the clips by stealing his phone.

What has Shashl said about the leaked clips?

Shashl recently interviewed with H Metro tabloid newspaper and told she never wanted to sleep with DJ Levels. However, she was forced to do this by Levels. She also said this had happened numerous times whenever Shashl tried to dump him. She also said that Levels would physically assault her. The leaks are nowadays Viral On every social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Youtube. 

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She said when she didn’t pick up his phone; he would punch her in the face and yell at her. When one time she tried to break up with him, he released a photo of them kissing, and everyone thought they were dating. She also said that Levels threatened her to sleep with him or he would leak some explicit pictures of her.

Where are DJ Levels now?

According to the sources, DJ Levels has been hiding or has gone undercover after sending apologies on social media. The last time he was available on social media when he posted an apology and said that the photos were leaked on Telegram because his phone was either stolen or hacked. However, Shashl said he was lying and intentionally leaked the clips. 

Last Words

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